Sanak Ek Junoon Episode 1 Review: Rohit Roy & Aindrita Ray’s show is laughably muddled in mediocrity


Sanak Ek Junoon

Cast: Rohit Bose Roy, Aindrita Ray, Pawan Chopra, Rushad Rana, Antara Banerjee, Amaara Sangam, Harpreet Jatail

Director: Krishna Bhatt

Streaming Platform: MX Player

Mumbai city or the city of dreams or the maximum city has been romanticized well within the context in Hindi cinema since the black and white era. In the 1956 film, ‘CID’ directed by Raj Khosla and starring Dev Anand, Johnny Walker has sung ‘Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan’. Rohit Roy and Aindrita Ray lead dramatic series ‘Sanak Ek Junoon’ on MX Player begins with a dull voice-over about how Mumbai as a city is morally corrupt and everyone here is lost in the sordid oblivion of sadness along with the wide shots of the city at night. 

The first episode of the show displays the life of a middle-aged lawyer in Mumbai, who is living with his ‘little less affluent’ wife in Mumbai and has not climbed the ladder of success yet. The dialogue writing of the show is stunningly pathetic and the writers may not have given any consideration to writing for the character. A lawyer in Mumbai is complaining about his failure in the lingo of a poet from Lucknow. The screenplay is not etched out and moves beat to beat without breathing and letting the characters face the wrath of their actions, not even a gasp.

The episode is almost made from the perspective of finishing off the story as soon as possible, which is in straight-up contradiction to good filmmaking. Towards the end of the episode, a senior lawyer invites Rohit’s character for a party and decides to play some kind of game where married men and women have to sleep with one another based on the keys they take out from the bowl. 

Performances of the lead cast convinces the audience that they have absolutely no faith in the show. Sanak Ek Junoon is dated in its form, tonality, and structure from frame one and almost does not feel like it belongs to the ongoing century. Krishna Bhatt’s direction has no cinematic language perhaps not even an effort of it. 

The 10 episode season 1 is currently streaming on MX Player. 

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