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Sambhavna Seth sends legal notice to Delhi hospital where her father SK Seth passed away



New Delhi: Actress Sambhavna Seth, who lost her father SK Seth on May 8, due to COVID 19 complications has now sent a legal notice to the Delhi hospital. Sambhavna’s father was admitted to Jaipur Golden Hospital after testing COVID positive.

Now in the recent development, Sambhavna has accused the hospital for deficiency in services and medical negligence. 

While talking exclusively to Etimes, Sambhavna shared, “I have sent a notice to the hospital for deficiency in services, medical negligence, lack of proper care and attention, and non-responsive behaviour.”

Elaborating further about the incident, “My father was admitted to the hospital on April 30, four days after he tested positive for COVID-19. The medical staff conducted a few blood tests and assured us that he would recover in a few days. We heaved a sigh of relief because we thought he was in safe hands. The following day, when my brother visited my father, he was shocked to see that his hands were tied. He untied my father immediately and inquired about it. He was told that it was to dissuade him from removing the saline supply. On May 7, my panic-stricken brother called me to say that our father had been put on oxygen support even though his saturation was between 90 and 95. Somehow, I felt something was amiss and flew down to Delhi the very next day.” 

Continuing further, she said, “I went to the hospital and was aghast to see that my father’s hands and legs were tied to the bed. I was told that it was done to stop him from removing the oxygen supply. There was no one attending to my father and I was shocked to see the paucity of medical facilities. I shot a video to highlight the issue, but the staff argued with me and heckled me to delete it. Seeing his condition, I ran from pillar to post to meet the senior doctor of the hospital, but all attempts proved futile. Eventually, one of the doctors briefed me about my father’s health. He told me that his condition had improved and that he was assigning an attendant to take care of him. But just moments later, he told me that my father had suffered a cardiac arrest. I wanted to see him, but he stopped me and said that they were trying to revive him. After that, I was told that he died of a severe attack. I guess, they already knew that he was gone.”

The actress has now pledged to help each and every person who is going through the same pain and thanked everyone for their support towards her. 

Sambhavna lost her father SK Seth on May 8, 2021, due to COVID -19 complications.



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