Saath Nibhaana Sakthiya 2 11th April 2022 Written Update


Saath Nibhaana Sakthiya 2

The new episode of Saath Nibhaana Sakthiya will begin with Tia and Gehna’s wedding. In the previous episode, Gehna and Paresh were engaged, and they were celebrating the newlywed bride with their new groom. However, soon after their wedding, they split up, and Paresh and Tia eventually got back together.

Written Update

The Saath Nibhaana series is an award-winning television show that continues to impress viewers. In this episode, the show’s protagonist Gehna is injured during a bomb blast. The doctor tries to revive him by using an electric defibrillator shock. Meanwhile, Sikandar plays video games with his son while watching television.

Episode 11

If you are looking forward to Saath Nibhaana’s next update, then get ready for the 18th of February 2021. The show will have another exciting episode with the introduction of a new character, Gopi, and the reveal of his past. It is time for the two friends to reunite and face their past. The episode will begin with Gehna showing Gopi some plants and helping him clean up the wound on his leg. She also tells Gopi that she knew she couldn’t leave him with Kokila because he was not feeling well and couldn’t travel alone. But, despite the pain, she continues to tell Gopi that she knows it was the will of God and she must return to the palace.

Episode 12

The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhaana Sakthiya 2 will begin with a wedding. In the previous episode, Gehna and Paresh got engaged and celebrated their newlywed status with their new groom. After the marriage, however, the two separated. Paresh and Tia were reunited in a subsequent episode.

Episode 13

The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhaana Santhiya 2 will be in the Written text format. Watch the Written text version of this upcoming episode to get a glimpse of what’s to come. The episode will feature the Desais and the main plot of the show. Read on to find out what happens in this episode!

Episode 14

The drama serial Saath Nibhaana – Saathiya is back with its eleventh April 2022 Written Update. In this episode, Suhani gets annoyed with Gehna for overhearing her conversation with Sikandar and is aghast. She blames her father for bringing Surya into her life and has no desire to remember his birthday.

Episode 15

In the latest episode of Saath Nibhaana Sarathiya 2, the Desai family is busy preparing for the marriage of their daughter Gehna. Radhika is planning to invite her parents but Anant stops her midway. He says he doesn’t want Radhika to separate from Surya and then he leaves her to finish the preparation. Suhani says that she will return later and she is angry with her father for bringing Surya into her life. Suhani also says that she does not feel any compulsion to remember Surya’s birthday.

Episode 16

The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhaana Sarathiya 2 will start with a scene in which Jamna and Kanak are outside Praful’s room. When they enter, they discover that Praful has called them and asked them to leave his room. As they do, Gehna asks why Praful would do such a thing. The reason is that Praful wants to talk to Anat privately and he doesn’t want anyone else to hear about it. Consequently, Kanak wants to know what’s going on between her brother. While she tries to make sense of this situation, she is left feeling helpless.

Episode 17

On 11th April 2022, the first episode of the new season of the famous show is going to air. The story revolves around the character of Gehna, who is the daughter of Surya and Kabir. The episode is going to feature a scene where Gehna accidentally forgets her brother’s birthday. She blames her father for bringing Surya into her life. After being pushed into the background, she does not remember his birthday.

Episode 18

In the eleventh episode of Saath Nibhaana Sakthiya 2, Anant tries to boost Gehna’s morale by telling her to wear the dress she feels comfortable in and to ignore what other people think. Meanwhile, Kanak starts preparing for the beauty pageant. As Gehna is worried about tripping in the high heels, Anant offers to help her. However, Gehna gets jealous of her newfound friend and starts causing issues in the relationship with Kanak.

Episode 19

In this week’s episode of Saath Nibhaana Sauthiya 2, Anant prepares a surprise birthday party for Gehna. After she arrives home, Baa pampers her. She worries about Gehna’s injury and ties a black thread on her leg and hands. The next morning, she is surprised to see that Anant has already prepared dinner for her.

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