Roja: Whom will help Anu?



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Sun tv fame Roja serial never fails to entertain its audience since the first episode is now gearing up for further drama. Now serial concentrating on Roja to kick out Anu from home!

In the previous episode we saw; Kalpana complained to her family members that everyone lost their eyes it seems that’s why they accused Annapoorna and Arjun were kidnappers. Roja said to her Arjun argued for himself in court and took Annapoorna out on bail. She assured her that Arjun will find out the culprits and punish them. Pooja took Arathi to both and took them inside. Later Sasi and Sakshi lashed out at Neelambari for saved Arjun from the court. Sakshi complained that she didn’t get anything because of this Leelavathi role. Both argued with each other over this issue. Neelambari blamed JS for everything there. He asked her to stop blaming him and just arrange the lisy he mentioned. Later Arjun stared his grief at Annapoorna and felt guilty. He assured her that he will punish the people who played behind this all. JS demanded Anu to stay in Arjun’s house or else she won’t get this job.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will see; Roja will share with Annapoorna that Arjun will find out who played behind this all. Anu will reach home. Roja will get angry to see her there. Roja will stop Anu and lash out at her for plotting against her family and helping JS. She will kick her out of the house.

What will happen next? Will Anu leave her house? Who will help Anu?

The upcoming episode will answer our all questions stay tuned to our space for more updates.



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