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In today’s episode, Arjun calls Ashwin and informs him that as no one is at home, he should come with Puja as planned. Arjun assures them that he will take care of everything. Both Ashwin and Puja are eager to return home.

Puja and Ashwin arrive at the house. When they’re ready to walk in, Ashwin notices Sumathi and instructs Puja to hide. He sends Sumathi out, telling her to get aarti. Puja attempts to sneak in, but the rest of the family arrives at the same time. She hides behind the sofa.

When the rest of the family returns home, they are surprised to see Ashwin. Ashwin spills the beans about Puja, but Kalpana and Roja try to avoid the subject. Paati informs Anu that her husband has arrived. As Ashwin tries to control the situation, it turns into a hilarious predicament. Shenbagam is introduced to Ashwin by Roja. He accepts her blessings and expresses his delight at seeing her. 

When Kalpana tries to put a toy away, she is startled to discover Puja hiding behind the sofa. Kalpana screams in surprise. Ashwin and Kalpana go out of their way to divert everyone’s attention. Roja is informed of Puja’s presence by Kalpana. Ashwin persuades Kalpana to escort them upstairs to hide Puja from everyone. Kalpana tries a few other approaches. Paati feels Kalpana is acting strangely.

With the assistance of a saree, Kalpana, Ashwin, and Roja are able to send Puja upstairs. Paati claims Kalpana’s remarks are hurtful, but Pratap backs her up. Paati goes on to talk about Ashwin and Anu’s wedding arrangements. Roja and Kalpana are tensed. Puja picks up a ball and throws it at Paati. Kalpana and Roja struggle to keep their laughter in check. Puja issues a warning to Ashwin and demands him to come upstairs.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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