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Rita Jairath: A Lady Who Has Conquered It All



New Delhi: The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself,and shine amongst those who never believed she could. 

Dr Rita Jairath is one such lady, of immense strength and zeal who has successfully broken all the work stereotypes associated with gender. She has undoubtedly proved that a person with a strong will and perseverance can lead all positions, irrespective of any domain. 

Dr Rita Jairath, a bodybuilder and fitness expert, has marked her name in many diverse fields and sectors, setting up an example of exceptional talent and dedication. Apart from being a fitness consultant, she has also received an honorary doctorate from the United Nations Diplomatic Mission in Women and Child Development.

As Dr Rita Jairath says, “one should not live a life in a box”. Incorporating this very saying, she has remained determined to keep moving forward, staying away from all kinds of negativities and not caring about the things which aren’t in her control. 

She is a bold, fearless individual whose journey has been one full of enthusiasm and passion. Even her achievements or the contentment of acing them could not stop her. 

For instance, in 2011 when Dr Rita Jairath won the Gold’s Gym Ms Fitness title, she further decided to work hard and ultimately won the National Bodylifting Championship, that too for the next three consecutive years. 

Adding to all this, she is the first-ever Indian woman to compete in the IFBB and National Physique Committee (NPC). Dr Rita Jairath was also welcomed as IFBB Pro bodybuilding judge in 2018, which is an astonishingly huge achievement to conquer, in a male-dominated industry.

 In one of her interviews, Dr Rita Jairath openly shared some of her beliefs or rather ‘mantras’ which has helped her shine through all the thick and thin. 

She believes that one should always have faith in one’s karma and destiny. As a successful trainer, bodybuilder, Bharatanatyam artist, and whatnot, she has been loyal towards her actions, making sure not to quit mid-way but also knowing her limits. 

Quoting Dr Rita Jairath, “Everything is unique, and so am I.”  Instead of trying to copy what the crowd does, one should thrive to create a unique path of their own, painting the canvas according to their choices and abilities.

According to her, when people do a variety of work, including all diverse aspects of it, exploring the options, finding a unison, and ultimately creating something which isn’t common or conventional, they have higher chances of being successful. 

Believing in one’s passion, one’s choices and subsequently acting on it, with the purest of efforts and diligence is what brings in the specialization. “Look at the problem in the eye. If you face it, it will run away. If you run away from it, it will run after you.” 

This is the very mantra that enables Dr Rita Jairathto face the delirious and challenging days. Embodying all these qualities and learnings in herself, she has made each day of her life count into something which is exceptionally praiseworthy and full of selfless, dedicated efforts.

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