Rashmi Rocket: Taapsee Pannu reveals her favourite scene from the film & it is quite relatable


Taapsee Pannu has been creating a lot of buzz of late courtesy her recent release Rashmi Rocket. The actress was seen playing the role of an athlete in the movie and her performance is garnering a lot of attention. In fact, the Pink actress has undergone extensive training to get into the skin of the character. And while Taapsee continues to bask in praises for her performance in the movie, the actress can’t stop gushing about pre-climax scene which has won her heart.

Talking about the same, Taapsee said, “I was sold on the pre-climax conversation with her baby in the locker room. That made me weep. It became my motivation to prep for the film and do those training sessions”. She also lauded the makers for not using the pregnancy card. Taapsee explained, “It was a wow moment when I heard the plot point, I give the credit to the writers Aniruddha Guha and Akarsh Khurana for the screenplay and script; they made sure they didn’t use the pregnancy card to determine her womanhood. Why should you even have to prove your womanhood?”

Furthermore, Taapse also opened up on movies releasing on the OTT platform and asserted, “OTT releases do take away a lot of pressure, but they also take away the validation of stardom. I’m not just an actor; I want to be a star who can act. I want to be able to shoulder the responsibility of a film. I can be the reason for people to come to theatres and watch a film. Box-office collection is the yardstick against which we can measure whether we’ve grown in terms of stardom”.

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