Punyashlok Ahilyabai 12th April 2022 Written Update


Punyashlok Ahilyabai

In the latest episode of Punyashlok Ahilyabai, Death of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai takes place. To find out the truth about this incident, Ahilya asks soldiers to search the well of the Jagirdar’s house. But they do not find any proof. This is a shocking episode and viewers must watch the episode again.

Punyashlok Ahilyabai

The Punyashlok Ahilyabai series is a popular show with huge audience. This show revolves around a girl named Ahilya, who struggles to achieve her dreams in life. She tries to make her family and the society happy by helping the poor and the hungry. However, she encounters some difficulties along the way. Read on to know about her upcoming storylines.

The series is being aired on Sony Entertainment Television Network since January 2021. It is produced by Nitin Vaidya and Ninad Vaidya. The written update is a short summary of the upcoming episode. The episode will be aired on Apne TV and Sony TV. The Written Update will give you the details about the story.

Today’s episode

In the upcoming episode of Punyashlok Ahilybai, which will air on 7 October 2021, there will be a never-before-seen drama. In a family drama, arguments are inevitable, and sometimes they can lead to separation. The climax of the episode will occur when Khanderao argues with his father and gets a very sad look on his face.

This episode is an important one. It will explain the motion that happened on 26 January 2022. It will also explain the motives of Baa and Dwarka. In the past, Punyashlok Ahilyabai has always been about family values and the importance of family ties. The writers of this show have shown a strong commitment to family values and have made this series one of the best in Indian television.

Death of Punyashlok Ahilyabai

A new drama series, Death of Punyashlok Ahilybai, is coming to TV screens this year. The story revolves around the historical figure Ahilyabai Holker, who broke gender stereotypes in the eighteenth century. Born in Chondi, a village in Jamkhed, Maharashtra, Ahilyabai learned to read from her father, Mankoji Sindhia. The show is now airing thrice every day on SonyLIV.

The series starts with Ahilyabai inviting her bahu, Khanderao, to class. She holds Khanderao’s hand. Harku is glad to see Khanderao with Ahilya. The next day, the teacher, Guru Ji, gives Ahilya a task to note down some numerics. The Guru Ji tells her to learn them sagaciously, by heart, and test them later. However, Ahilya faces problems while learning numerics.

Farah’s debut in The Khtrakhatra Show

The actress is set to make her television debut on 12th April 2022 in the show named The Khatrakhatra Show. In the episode, she will tease Ranajay for accusing her of being selfish. Farah will also reveal the tensions in the couples’ relationships. Jalindar confronts Isha and asks her to apologize. Jalindar then tries to calm her down.

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