Pokemon 2019 Episode 63: release date, watch online and preview

Pokemon 2019 Episode 63: release date, watch online and preview

Pokemon 2019 Episode 63: release date, watch online and preview

Pokemon 2019 Episode 63: Satoshi is the boy who wants to battle that Supreme Monarch, Dande and Go, who dreams of catching every Pokemon to make his way to Mew. The two continue the adventures to become the Wolrd Pokemon Champion. Sakuragi and his daughter have hired a cameraman to take pictures of Satoshi and Goh. They try to find the best place where the photo looks good. They also interview the news reporter. The news reports begin with her interview and reveal that she is at the Sakuragi Institute in Kubachiba City.

The reporter said at this institute; they find a few research fellow or special lab assistants who are only ten years old. The two couples are Goh and Satoshi, but Sarunori ruins the show. He jumps on the news reporter’s shower and the cameraman falls trying to stop them. Sarunoru manages to calm down because he was excited to see the lady. They continue their interview and Goh tells the story of the adventures together with Satoshi.

Previously in Pokemon 2019 Episode 62

The news reporter thanks them for their time and wishes them the best in their future endeavors. She asks them to conclude by telling her their dreams. Satoshi reveals that his dream is to make it to the top of the Pokemon World Championship and become the Supreme Champion, Mr. Dande, to decorate. He also said he would also become a Pokemon Master. Gosh reveals that his dream is to catch every Pokemon and reach Mew. The lady is wondering how he will catch so many Pokemons.

Shouts Goh; everyone comes out and the Sakuragi Park got full of the Pokemons. He reveals that catching Pokemon helps him understand them, and if he understands them, it will be easy for him to catch Mew. They finish their interview and Messon evolves when they dismiss the interviews. Gosh is surprised to hear that Jimeleon’s data is being added to the index. Gosh wonders which Pokemon Jimeleon is, and Sakuragi notes that Jimeleon is the Pokemon evolving from Messon.

They decided to check out what Jimeleon looks like. Meanwhile, Jemeleon can’t believe his looks when he looks into the water. He expected to look like a Cameleon cowboy, but he looks like a lady with one hair covering his right eye. The Pokemons in the ponds admire him. Satoshi and Goh arrive, but they could not find Jiemeleon. They wonder where Jimeleon has gone, and Goha realizes that Jimeloen might look like Messon, who likes to hide.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 63: release date, watch online and preview

Pokemon 2019


They went looking for Jimeleon and Acerburn arrived at full speed. Gosh showed Aceburn the picture of Jimeleon and told him to look for him. Jimeleon was kicked out of different caves by other Pokémon for fear that he is too handsome and could take their wives. He goes on a rampage with Aceburn, who goes to Goh and reports that he was with Jimeleon. Aceburn leads the way to Jimeleon, but when they arrived, Jimeleon was camouflaged with the forest.

Sarunoru enters that cave with Goh, and they find Jimeleon asleep. Gosh tries to convince Jimeleon to return with him. He notices that Jimeleon can shoot Water Gun from his hands. Jimeleon wants to stay hidden in the cave. Sarunoru tried to encourage Jimeleon, but he wasn’t interested. Goh told him that Satoshi and Koharu want him to return. He realizes that Jimeleon wanted to look like Inteleon he recently met. Gosh told Jimeleon that if he works hard he will evolve into Iteleon.

He asks Jimeleon to train with him and make that dream come true. Aceburn became irritated and dragged Jimeleon out of the cave. When they are outside, Jimeleon runs away from the institute and they go looking for him. Gee, get wet and find Jimelon and talk to him for the last time. In the morning it appears that Jimeleon has returned.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 63 will be released on Friday, April 23, 2021 at 6:55 PM JST. You can watch new episodes of Pokemon 2019 online at Netflix. Find out who Satoshi and Goh will face in their next fight in the example below.

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