Patrick Dempsey Birthday: When the Grey's Anatomy star opened up on his 'special bond' with Ellen Pompeo

Patrick Demsey has turned 56 years old today. He has been best known for his Grey’s Anatomy role, neurosurgeon Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd. The actor has often opened up about the times spent on the series’ set, especially with his co-star Ellen Pompeo. While he said goodbye to the show in 2015, the memories that he made along the way are cherished by his fans to date.

During one of his interviews with Entertainment Tonight in 2018, the actor was asked about his Grey’s Anatomy co-stars, especially Pompeo. Calling her “remarkable,” he reacted to her compliments as Pompeo had once called him “a tough act to follow.” He heaped praises over her while thanking her for the compliment. “That was a very special bond and we had a magic to our connection. That’s special and it started with the original cast, the length that it has as new people came in. It’s amazing that it’s continuing to affect so many people and is a strong point in so many people’s lives.” Stating further, he also added that the show has been “a part of television history.”

Dempsey also opened up on how many people were “inspired to become doctors” while watching the popular show Grey’s Anatomy and have been discovering the show since its global popularity. “It was a remarkable experience, and without that success, this wouldn’t have been possible,” Dempsey told Entertainment Tonight.

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