Parineetii 9th April 2022 Written Update



In this Parineetii 9th April, 2022 Written Update, Parineetii’s father rejects her marriage proposal. She and her cousins begin talking about her dream man. When she confronts Rakesh, she goes unconscious. Eventually, Parineet realizes she must save herself from the consequences of her decision. Thankfully, her mother and aunt save her from a tragic ending.

Parineet confronts Rakesh

During a routine drive, Parineet encounters a mysterious guy in the rearview mirror. He tells Parineet that he saved her life, and then he coughs from the smoke. Parineet tells her to go to the hospital and Vikram runs to get a lift. Vikram apologizes for the damage he has done to Rakesh, who was just trying to save his family. Parneet tries to stop the car, but it is too late.

Parineet sees Rajeev

On the evening of 9th April 2022, Parineet is searching for Rajeev. She calls his phone repeatedly but he never picks up. Pari is worried and tells Gurpreet that she will wait for him at the door. He goes to his room. But Parineet does not see Rajeev coming, as she thinks that she is trapped.

Mandeep’s reaction

Mandeep tells Pari that Rajeev is destroying his family. He tells Pari that he forced his mother to give him property as a marriage gift. Pari cuts her hand to protect her family. Mandeep has dreams about Pari. After the incident, he goes back to his home to see Pari. In the meantime, Pari has been deprived of her love.

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