Parineetii 15th April 2022 Written Update

Parineetii 15th April 2022 Written Update
Parineetii 15th April 2022 Written Update


If you are looking for the latest episode of the Indian drama serial, Parineetii, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the latest written update of the serial. Read on to know about all the characters’ latest developments. Parineetii’s role in the film is crucial. She’s an aspiring singer who wants to pursue a career in Bollywood.


Parineetii 15th April 2022-2-05 – Check out the latest update from the upcoming episode of Colors TV’s hit serial. The actress will be seen in an action-packed episode of the show. The episode will begin on 15th April 2022, and we will get to see her in a new scene. In this episode, she is seen crying while performing the mookagni ritual. As she performs the last right of her dad, everyone cries for her. In the aftermath, Parineet imagines Rajeev coming for her.

Choti Sardarni

In the fifteenth episode of Choti Sardarni, Rajveer and Seher are on their way to the town of Amar. Seher is eager to find a clue about her daughter’s death from her father. Meanwhile, Maasiji is worried that Seher might fall in love with Harnoor. To solve this mystery, the two friends decide to find out about the girl’s identity.

Kundali Bhagya

The fifteenth episode of Kundali Bhagya will begin with the title of the episode. In this episode, Preeta faces a court date, but it could be delayed and she could end up facing life imprisonment. Sherlyn is also frustrated with the failed relationship with Natasha and explains that she will break up with her. However, this doesn’t end well for the pair, as the two become enraged and begin arguing.


The story of Rajeev and Parineetii in the upcoming film is very intriguing. They are waiting for their love-making to happen since months, and now, the couple is finally getting married! While they are waiting for their wedding, some women are gossiping about them, and one of them even asks Rajeev why he is marrying Parineeti in the first place.


Preeta’s 15th April, 2022 Written Update begins with her father letting her know that she is being questioned by the police. The police then tell her that she must remain in custody until the evening. In the meantime, she finds her lover asleep with Dadi, and covers him with a quilt. Preeta recalls the night Karan first confessed his feelings to her, and wonders if anything has changed in the past two years. As Karan sleeps, she holds his hand and tries to get free. However, he wakes up and says, “I love you.”


After a long and arduous wait, the heroine of the upcoming Hindi movie, “Mangalsutra in Parineeti” has finally been given her wedding dress. After being gifted with the dress, Anandi decides to wear it and take the lead in the celebration. The senior girls hide Anandi’s bag and lock her in the storeroom. Meanwhile, Dadi decides to do Gadbandan. However, as she runs to fetch the mangalsutra, she hears a voice in the meter room. When Ranbir reaches the room, the current turns off.

Wedding theme

The 14th episode of Parineeti begins with the title, “Silence is golden.” But the two soon find themselves on the same side of a conflict. The two argue, and Harman attempts to separate them. Despite the warning of Jashwanth, Harman still continues his threats. Then, Mandeep curses Pari, while her mom curses Harman. But when Pari finally sees her dad, she is overwhelmed and runs to him. Rajeev then forces her to wear a mangalsutra he is wearing. This is when Parineet gets to know the true reason why Mandeep has come to her house.

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