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The latest episode of the serial Parineeti started with a “Start with” scene. In this episode, the story of Parineetii begins with a secret wedding ceremony. The episode also shows Parineet and Rajeev’s relationship, as well as the details of their love affair. In the coming episodes, the story will progress to different aspects, such as the secret wedding ceremony and the affair of Parineet and Rajeev.

Parineetii’s secret wedding ceremony

According to reports, Rajeev and Parineeti will marry in a secret wedding ceremony on 12th April 2022. The guests will be surprised to see them together. During the wedding, Parineet prepares delicious food for her guests. Later, she presents Shagun to Rajeev. Meanwhile, Mandeep thinks of a plot to reveal the wedding and curses Parineetii to lead an unhappy marriage.

The Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra recently attended the wedding of Nick Jonas. The actress played the role of the bridesmaid in the wedding ceremony. Parineeti was the perfect jiju for the handsome singer. Since the wedding, Parineeti has been showering praises on her beau. But she went on to speak about her upcoming wedding ceremony in an interview with Kapil Sharma. She revealed that she had plans to rob Nick Jonas blind during the ceremony.

Rajeev and Parineet’s relationship with Parineet

In “Munh Dikhai”, Rajeev and his bride-to-be begin the wedding ceremony. They are surrounded by guests and perform some dances before entering the mandir. However, some women gossip about the wedding and wonder why Rajeev is planning to get married to Parineeti. Eventually, the two men realize their mistake and decide to separate.

In the following episode, Parineet finds out the truth about Rajeev and Gurvinder. She will tell her mother that Rajeev is only marrying her for nine acres of land. Her mother will attempt to manipulate Parineet into agreeing to marry Rakesh. The ceremony will end in tragedy. Meanwhile, Mandeep will be shocked to learn that Rajeev is no longer interested in his daughter. Pari will also ask Rajeev to work outside the house.

Parineet’s affair with Parineet

In the episode “Parineet’s affair with Rajeev” aired on 12th April 2022, Mandeep comes to Rajeev’s house to meet Parineet. However, Mandeep stops him from speaking out, as he thinks it will increase misunderstandings between the two. As a result, Parineet hurries out and follows Rajeev to his house.

In the following episode, Ashok tries to talk to Parineet about her affair, but Ashok is unwilling to listen. He says that he has already known about the affair but didn’t want it to get out of hand. Parineet’s husband, however, says he knows about the affair, and doesn’t want it to go too far.

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