Parineeti 11th April 2022 Written Update



The new episode of Parineeti takes place on 11th April 2022. In this written update, we get a brief recap of the story and the twist that awaits her. Read on to know more about Parineetii’s family, her relationship with Rajeev, and what her mother thinks of the sudden arrival of her new boyfriend. Listed below are some of the important details revealed in the new episode.

Parineetii’s family

The movie starts off with Parineetii searching for Rajeev. She keeps calling his cell phone repeatedly and feels trapped. One day, she meets Mandeep who tells her that Rajeev is ruining his family. She then goes back to her home to visit him. But, Rajeev doesn’t show up, so Parineet worries that she’s trapped.

Parineetii’s relationship with Rajeev

The 8th April 2022 Written Update of Parineeti’s relationship with Rajeev reveals some interesting plot twists. Parineet and Rajeev attend a dance recital. The dancers leave the stage in a celebration. Rakesh is disappointed but Parineet is enthralled by the performance. Afterwards, Parineet and Rajeev are both surprised to meet her father. While Parineet is enthralled by his presence, Karishma is scared that her father might come and kill her. Nikhil tries to protect his sister and Parineet from Rajeev.

Her mother’s reaction to Rajeev’s arrival

During the last episode, Parineetii’s mother confronts Rajeev, telling him that he betrayed her, which she does not agree with. But when she finds out that Rajeev had helped her get married to Sameer, she starts to be suspicious of him. This leads Karan to suggest that she stay with Sameer and Srishti. However, she does not agree to go with Rajeev, as she knows he is an infamous gangster.

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