Pandya Store: Upcoming Twist! Dhara helps Rishita!


Pandya Store: Upcoming Twist

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In the upcoming episode the Pandya Store series, Dhara helps Rishita in the business contest.

So far in the series Pandya Store, the first round has been difficult for Shiva along with Rishita.

Rishita cannot identify her item, as Shiva is wearing an undergarment for women.

According to the gossip in the Pandya Store TV show, every contestant is expected to performand, eventually Rishita’s opportunity comes along.

Rishita appears to be ignorant of the product she was given.

Dhara assists her in demonstrating how to sharpen the knife.

Rishita remembers an incident when Dhara sharpened a knife by herself because the cutter demanded the price.

Then she performs an incredible performance, and is greeted with great applause.

In the latest twists to this storyline, Shiva is embarrassed by the item he received and is hesitant to use it.

We will see in the upcoming episodes of the Pandya Store serial the way Rishita and Shiva take on the challenge and who will win the competition.

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