Pandya Store: Latest Twist! Shiva and Raavi are shy after their first night!


Pandya Store: Latest Twist

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In the upcoming story of the Pandya Store serial, Raavi and Shiva are still living the moments of their intimacy in their minds.

So far in the Pandya Store serial, Dhara’s surprise for Raavi and Shiva works perfectly.

When Raavi sees Shiva sleeping on the swing, she lies beside him and caresses his hands, cheeks, and lips with her fingers.

Shiva kisses Raavi’s finger when she touches his lips. This gives a tickling sensation to Raavi throughout her body.

Further, Shiva grabs Raavi closer, and they spend the night in each other’s arms.

Now as per the Pandya Store serial gossip, Gomby confirms the design for Pandya Store and gives some instructions to Shiva.

Unaware of anything going on in his surrounding, Shiva is busy adoring Raavi whom he has started seeing differently since the last night.

The audience is loving the soft side of Shiva while he is flirting with Raavi by holding her hand as she serves him tea.

Let’s watch future episodes of the Pandya Store serial to see how #ShiVi deals with the hurdle in terms of Pandya Store planted by Janardhan.

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