Pandya Store: Latest Twist! Dhara arranges a romantic night for Shiva & Raavi!


Pandya Store: Latest Twist

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In the upcoming story of the Pandya Store serial, Shiva and Raavi will see their room decorated with candles and giving romantic vibes.

So far in the Pandya Store serial, Rishita and Raavi’s argument upsets Dhara however, she does not back out from her responsibilities as the eldest daughter-in-law of the Pandya family.

Now as per the Pandya Store serial gossip, Dhara wishes to give Shiva and Raavi their personal space so that they can start their journey as a married couple.

The audience is thrilled to see how Raavi and Shiva run to meet Dhara and Gautam after finding their room decorated with flowers and scented candles that create a wonderful moment to consummate.

Not only Dhara but the viewers are surprised to see bold Raavi turn red as she blushes with the thoughts of being intimate with Shiva.

Even Shiva’s heart is beating faster after Gautam suggests he return to his room and spend a good time with Raavi, according to the upcoming twists of the Pandya Store serial.

Let’s see whether Raavi and Shiva embrace their married life with lovemaking, in the future story of the Pandya Store serial.

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