Pandya Store 8th April 2022 Written Update


Pandya Store

Shiny Doshi, a thief who steals from the Pandya Store, is in trouble when he finds out that Rishita is hiding under the desk. After threatening the boy and claiming that he entered the store by accident, the boy escapes, but Rishita is worried. She trembles in fear when she sees Dhara. Trying to calm her down, she asks, “How could you do this?”

Shiny Doshi

The serial is all set to release its eighth episode on April 8, 2022, and people are eagerly awaiting for more details. The full cast and crew list of the show can be found here. Read on to know more about the episode! We’ll provide a detailed review of the episode once it’s released online! Shiny Doshi, aka Dev Pandya, is one of the most popular actors on television right now!

The eighth episode of Star Plus’s popular daily soap, Pandya Store, has reached an exciting turning point. As Dhara prepares for the wedding, a hint is dropped at Shiva. He sits outside Dhara’s room to listen to their conversation. When Dhara realizes what Shiva is planning, she loses her cool and plans to kidnap Raavi and Shiva, risking her life and the baby’s. But Shiva and Dhara’s relationship is not over yet! Shiva and Dhara’s love is based on their shared values and their feelings for one another. The drama between them will continue to escalate.

Star Vijay’s Tamil series

Star Vijay’s upcoming show Pandya Store, the remake of the popular Tamil serial, is one of the most anticipated movies this year. The serial features a group of middle-class people who run a store in a small town. The main protagonist is Gautam Pandya, who has three younger brothers named Dhara, Gautam, and Vijay. The story revolves around the family’s store and Gautam Pandya, who runs it.

In this episode, Gautam is a simple man who wants to become the sole owner of Pandya Store, but his mother is ill and he has to care for his brothers. Suman’s mother-in-law, Prafulla, is also very upset and wants to run the store. As the three brothers struggle to survive, Gautam’s business suffers.

Storyline of Pandya Store

The plot of the eighth episode of the Indian soap opera, Pandya Store revolves around the attempt to bring Raavi and Shiva back together. Dhara asks Rishita to bring Raavi to the Pooja. Raavi is wearing a dress that Gautham gave her. Everyone turns towards her stoic face. Gautam and Dhara are both happy and proud of their new addition.

The main character, Dhara, has been waiting for the ten-year-old Raavi to come back home. They have both grown up and are now in a relationship. They both have their differences, but they are supportive of each other. Raavi is hesitant to approach the boy, but he assures her that he’ll help. Meanwhile, Dhara goes and gets water for Rishita. Dhara arrives at Raavi’s home and sees that she’s trembling with worry. He tries to calm her down and tells her that she is a caring parent.

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