Pandya Store 15th April 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th April 2022 Written Update
Pandya Store 15th April 2022 Written Update


If you’re a fan of the popular sitcom, you’ve surely been eagerly waiting for Episode 15 of the show. The episode, titled ‘Pandya store and Janardhan,’ is expected to take place on Tuesday, 15th April 2022. You can read below to know what’s in store for both Pandya store and Janardhan. But before getting into the plot, let’s get to know who played them.

Episode 15 of Pandya Store

A recent written update on the popular Star Plus show, Pandya Store, has revealed the upcoming episode of the series. Fans can now check out the action sequence and the future storyline of the upcoming episode of the show. The latest news spoilers will also reveal the next twist for the upcoming episode. Read on to find out more! This episode will revolve around the construction of a separate room for Gautam and Dhara. Dhara is married to Gautam and the store is Gautam’s only source of income.

Pandya store

The 15th April 2022 episode of Pandya store, Pandya is a fun one, as we see the Seth family reuniting and celebrating the marriage anniversary. This episode has many exciting twists and turns and will surely delight viewers. Read on to know about the upcoming episodes. Once you’ve finished reading this story, you can enjoy the next few episodes!

Janardhan lashes out at Pandya store

A scene in the episode “Pandya Store” has Janardhan reprimanding the goons for being stupid and ordering them to not leave till Shiva returns. A few moments later, Raavi notices the phone ringing and runs to him to ask what is wrong with him. Janardhan then gets angry and threatens Kamini, the Pandya store, and the Pandya family. The scene ends with the goons rushing to Janardhan’s place and making a scene where they are all being arrested by police.

Pandiya store  lashes out at Pandya store

The episode titled ‘Pandya store lashes out at Mota Ben in Pandya Store’ will air on 15th April 2022. In this episode, Dev returns home angry with Shiva, and Rishita accuses him of causing all sorts of problems. Meanwhile, Shiva’s brother Gautam is upset with him and tries to convince him to return home. Meanwhile, Janardhan and Kamini plan to separate Dev from his family. However, despite their plans, Gautam tries to bring back happiness to the Seth family.

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