Pandya Store 12th April 2022 Written Update


Pandya Store

In this episode, the family of Suman is greatly disappointed. The problems in the family make Suman very upset. She decides to separate her family from Dev’s, and Janardhan plans to keep Rishita in the Seth’s home. After a long fight, she is left with little choice but to leave her home. Kamini and Janardhan are shocked at the changes in Suman’s family.

Star Plus

If you are watching Star Plus TV serial Pandya Store, then you must be eagerly waiting for its upcoming episode on 12th April 2022. The serial is based on the Tamil television serial Pandiyan Stores. Most of the people are watching this drama serial and here you can find the latest update about the episode. It was first aired on 25 January 2021 and is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

In the latest episode of the serial, we have seen the arrival of a man in the house of the Pandya family. The man is angry with Raavi because she has slandered him with her words. She tries to persuade him to get rid of the cows. He gets upset and tries to convince her to let them leave, but fails to get any results. In the end, the man accuses them of sending the cows in the house of the Pandyas.

Star Vijay

In this episode, the characters are very upset with the other character, Shiva, as they argue about a proposal for bullet proof vests. Meanwhile, Dhara tries to calm him down and tells him not to give Raavi stress by giving him the gifts. Meanwhile, Janardhan, who has feelings for Dev, is angry and vents out his resentment by destroying things. He also threatens to kill Dev if he does not get his way. He is also angry at the fact that his sister has slapped him in the face.

Star Plus is coming up with a new show, called Pandya Store, which is a remake of the Tamil daily soap opera, Pandian Store. It features actors Kinshuk Mahajan, Kanwar Dhillon, and Alice Kaushik. The series revolves around the life of the Pandya family, a middle-class family whose sole source of income is the Pandya store. The series has been rated ‘C’ by critics and viewers.

Star Bharat

The next episode of the Star Bharat television series, Pandya Store, will premiere on 12th April, with a twist! The story revolves around a robbery. The robbers are three men, and one of them is an old woman. The three men make off with the cash and the goods. When Rishita sees this, she panics and faints.

The episode will premiere on Star Plus on 12th April, 2022. The episode will also be available on Hotstar. Watch the episode live or catch the replay. If you’re unable to catch it live, the written update will be available online. The episode will be aired in high definition. If you’re unable to watch the show live, you can catch up on it later.

Star Vijay’s Tamil series

The upcoming Star Plus television drama Pandya Store is based on the popular Tamil serial Pandian stores. The story revolves around Gautam Pandya, who lives with his wife and three younger brothers. Though his family struggles, he manages to stay together and maintain a successful business. The show portrays the importance of family unity, even when problems arise.

The remake of Pandya Store will feature some new faces. Actor Shiny Doshi will play Dhara Pandya. He has previously played Kusum Desai in Saraswatichandra, Sarojini Singh in Jami Raja and Radha in Srimad Bhagwat Mahapuran. This is his first TV serial, but he is already known for other films.

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