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Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal Shares 5 Reasons To Add Grapes To Your Diet




There is almost nothing as refreshing as bingeing on plump and juicy grapes on a hot summer day. It also lends itself seamlessly to various savoury dishes, sweet dishes and beverages. This fruit comes in various hues and are a good source of several essential nutrients that are required for the proper functioning of the body. In terms of vitamins, grapes are rich in Vitamins A, C, D and K as well as B-6 and B-12. Additionally, they are also a good source of iron, calcium and magnesium. Further explaining its benefits, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal listed five compelling reasons to incorporate grapes into your diet.

She took to her Instagram handle to share a story that features a bowl of delicious grapes and wrote the benefits alongside.

5 Health Benefits Of Grapes:

1. “Grapes are packed with antioxidants”, she wrote. Antioxidants play an important role in protecting the cells and strengthening the body’s immunity.

2. She further wrote that grapes are also “heart-healthy”. Grapes are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that are known to keep heart issues at bay and ensure the optimal functioning of arteries.

3. Additionally, grapes also play a role in regulating blood pressure, the Insta-story read. It is a rich source of potassium, which is dubbed to balance out the negative effects of salt.

4. Nmami also mentioned that grapes are good for “eye health” as they help in protecting the retina. It results in lower levels of inflammatory proteins and higher amounts of protective proteins in the retinas.

5. They are also good for your mental health, as they put you in a “good mood”, Nmami said.

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There are several ways to incorporate grapes into your diet. From having it as is to adding to shakes and smoothies – we love making the most of these bite-sized delights. Considering this, we found 5 fun ways to include grapes in your daily meal. Click here to know more.

As we said, there is so much you can do with grapes. Tell us how you like adding this nutritious fruit to your diet.


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