Nima Denzongpa Weekly Update: Nima learns the truth.


Nima Denzongpa Weekly Update

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This week we saw that Gulshan forbids Nima from coming inside her house. She tells her that Virat has gone to jail because of her. She asks her to leave her house. Virat tells Gulshan that Nima has helped him. He asks her to go inside the house. Further, Nima goes to Krish’s room. Krish refuses to be in the same room with her. Nima gets sad. She then sees the card being torn as she gifted Krish. Tears start coming from her eyes. Virat comes to the kitchen and sees that Nima is sleeping in the kitchen. He asks Nima why she is not sleeping in Krish’s room. Nima tells him that Krish is angry with her so he doesn’t want to be with her.

Virat asks her to come to his room. Priyal overhears him and gets angry at Nima. The next morning Virat and everyone else are having breakfast. Then the police come there. Priyal gets shocked seeing the police. The police start their investigation. They show them a bracelet. Virat says that this belongs to Priyal. Nima asks her if was driving the car that says. Priyal gets pale.

Virat asks Priyal what her bracelet was doing in the car. Priyal says that her bracelet is with her. She shows him the bracelet in her hand. Priyal remembers that she told Mona that she had lost her bracelet and then Mona bought a new one for Priyal. Later Nima goes to Krish and tells him that today he has to go to therapy. But Krish refuses to go with her. Priyal comes there and asks Nima not to disturb Krish. Nima says that she knows that Krish is angry with her because of her. She asks her to stop all these activities.

Then Nima comes to Sunita. Virat calls Nima and tells her that the police have got the CCTV footage and they are coming home. Nima tells this to Manya and says that they should go together. They come outside the house. Neighbors ask Nima if she is married to Suresh. Siya tells them the truth.

Later police show their CCTV footage and notice Virat in the car. The inspector arrests Virat. Gulshan gets angry and throws Nima out of the house. Paras brings Nima to her house. There, Nima hears Siya’s words and gets upset. Nima tells Paras that he has brought her here but she cannot stay there. Manya asks her where will she go. Nima says that she will stay on the road. She is about to leave but Sunita stops her. Nima says that but now she has to leave from here. Sunita asks her where is she going. She says that she is going to meet Virat as he has not done anything wrong. Siya says that she had already told them that Nima has changed now and she is no longer the same. Nima ignores her. She goes to the police station and wants to talk to Virat but the inspector refuses.

Then the next morning Nima comes to meet Virat. She gives him homemade food. Virat thanks her. Nima says he doesn’t need to thank her. Virat says that he saw how much she was trying to meet him. He adds that others did not even come to meet him. Nima asks him not to talk about all these things. Afterward Nima goes to meet Krish. She asks him to come and meet her as Virat has sent a message for him. Krish goes to meet her. Nima asks him how is he. She tells him that she will get Virat out of jail soon.

Later Nima feels that something is going on between Mona and Priyal. She feels that either of them has done an accident. Mona and Priyal go to a watchman and ask him for 3 days’ footage. The watchman tells them that a woman had come before them and he has given her the footage. Priyal shows him Nima’s photo and asks if the lady had come. He says yes.

Nima goes to meet Virat and shows him the footage. Virat tells Nima that some lady was driving the car. Virat asks her to keep this pen drive with her. Next everyone reaches the court. Manya asks Sunita where is Nima. She tells her that Nima had left the house long back, and then she doesn’t know why she hasn’t reached out yet. Here Nima reaches the court. She bumps into a man who exchanges her pen drive. Nima then goes to the court and tells the judge that she has evidence to prove Virat’s innocence. But when the judge watches the video she sees the recipe for making the samosa. Nima gets shocked seeing this. Later she finds out that Priyal is the real culprit.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Priyal will try to console Virat. Nima will come there. Priyal will start shouting at her. After this, Nima will say to everyone that she has found out who is the real culprit. She will show them evidence against Priyal.

What will happen now? Will Priyal get exposed?


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