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The second wave of coronavirus in India is spiking up caseloads alarmingly. Amongst the ones increasingly testing positive are Bollywood celebrities.

Former model, actor and runner Milind Soman, who too, tested positive for the SARS-COV-2 virus recently.

The 55-year-old pro runner, known to lead a pretty fit and healthy lifestyle, tested positive for the infection in late March. While Soman was quite happy to get back to his running regime weeks after battling the infection, taking to social media, he quipped about how his battle with COVID was so different.

Like Soman said, while he was lucky enough to not have really suffered from bad bouts of flu or cold in the last so many years, COVID hit him quite unusually and left him drained.

The model, who recalls going through mild symptoms of COVID-19 underwent days of home quarantine. However, like a lot of people, he also experienced excruciating pain and fatigue accompanying the infection.

Soman, who has also been actively journaling his COVID quarantine diaries through Instagram recalled that it was the tiredness and fatigue which impacted him the most, even though other symptoms started to resolve on their own. In a post, sharing the happiness of testing negative and getting back to running, he said,

“…I know for sure that covid is a thing now, I have not had any flu-like symptoms for more than 25 years now, so to have even the mild fever and tiredness that I had was definitely unusual! I am sure we are all being as careful as we can..”

Fatigue and exhaustion remain to be the two toughest and unnerving COVID symptoms that could linger for long. Many COVID survivor accounts have recalled the fatigue experienced with the infection to be unlike any other. Again, while research is still underway to conclude the exact cause for the same, fatigue can be resultant of the body harshly trying to fight off the infection and generate antibodies. The zealous immune system could also launch a cytokine storm, which, again, could leave you drained and exhaust you out. Only proper rest and recovery are the keys to fighting this terrible COVID symptom.

“Couldn’t smell anything, relied on kadhas,” says Milind

Milind also recounted that he had an uncomfortable time dealing with the loss of smell that lasted for around a week since the symptoms started. However, being the fitness enthusiast like he is, he continued to work out at home, stretch around while he could during the two long weeks spent in isolation. Here’s proof!

While Milind has always been someone to talk of the benefits of locally harvested foods and healthy living, he also shared that he kept having herbal concoctions, kadhas to take care of his mild COVID symptoms and relieve fatigue as well. In another one of his quarantine posts, he also highlighted the importance of getting good sleep and rest one needs during COVID

“I took a kadha made of dhania and methi seeds, pepper, tulsi leaves, ginger and jaggery 😀 I try to sleep the whole day, mental and physical rest is so important for the body in its healing process. I took a blood thinner for five days, as I had elevated D dimer levels. No other medication or supplements. Do listen to your doctor at all times.”

Staying physically, mentally active important for good recovery

The 55-year-old also stressed the crucial need for people to get vaccinated right now, considering the surge in cases. Recounting his own experience, Milind added that going through COVID is a harsh experience on the body and any misinformation should be cleared away.

“From the comments on my posts on various platforms, it’s easy to see the persistent lack of clarity surrounding covid19, in spite of an almost yearlong global conversation. One thing is clear, that anyone can be infected, even if you have had the vaccine. If you have had the vaccine, they say that the severity of sickness/symptoms will be less. Without vaccination, the severity of the sickness post-infection depends on your body function, overall mental and physical.”

Milind also said that while he is eager to return back to normalcy, he is going to take it easy and let the body heal. He is also going to watch out for much-talked-about post-COVID-symptoms and go for regular tests.

Apart from Milind, in the past month alone, celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi Pednekar, Alia Bhatt, Paresh Rawal and now, Katrina Kaif have tested positive for the virus.

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