Naagin 6 – 9th April 2022 Written Update


Naagin 6

In the upcoming episode, Naagin 6 is all set to entertain its audience with an epic turn. Everybody is eagerly waiting for the next episode of the show. In this episode, Pratha and Mahek are all set to perform a Shiv Tandav in a temple and take poison water out of a river to save the nation from a deadly pandemic. In the coming episode, we will get to know about the villains and enemies of the country.

Pratha gets her powers back to fight demons

The new season of the popular Colors TV show ‘Naagin 6’ has a whole lot of exciting plots. Pratha gets her powers back to fight demons, but Lord Shiva warns her about the disadvantages of the boon. She learns that the demons are powerful creatures, but she has to face them to regain her powers. This episode will be a must watch for all fans of Naagin.

Pratha’s relationship with Rishabh

The story of Pratha and Rishabh’s relationship in Naagin 6 starts with the former deciding to get married and the latter questioning the nature of Pratha’s character. Rishabh calls up Pratha’s family and asks them the name of the girl she is going to marry. When the family learns about Pratha’s refusal, Sudha Chandran is shocked and tries to get rid of her. Rishabh enters the bathroom and finds Pratha standing under a shower. Pratha is on fire.

Sheshnaagin’s relationship with Rishabh

The relationship between Sheshnaagin and Rishabh has always fascinated people. Pratha’s mother, the SheshNaagin, performed rituals on the night of the full moon, which Mahek had witnessed as a child. Then, he was molested by two men. Pratha held a glass of milk and drank it before the moonlight faded. However, when Mahek asked her to perform the rituals, she refused, allowing the snake charmer to play the weapon, which made Pratha unconscious. When the moonlight disappeared, Rishabh’s mother transformed into SheshNaagin.

Sheshnaagin’s relationship with Rehaan

Sheshnaagin and Rehaan’s relationship is portrayed through the characters’ actions and words. The relationship is characterized by many twists and turns. During the second season, a raging feud between the Sheshnaagins and the Nidhogs is resolved. Rehaan is finally married to Mahek, but this is not the end of her story. Mahek’s mother is revealed to be a Sheshnaagin. In the first season, Mahek and Rehaan were together for many years before the raging war began. Sheshnaagins were banished from the Nidhog clan, but he had no idea that his mother was Sheshnaagin.

Sheshnaagin’s relationship with Samira

There is a growing controversy over Sheshnaagin’s past relationship with Samira. Various sources claim that the actress was in an affair with another man. Although it is difficult to know the truth about Samira’s relationship with Frankie, there are hints in the film that point to the possibility. For example, Samira has previously accused Frankie of infidelity, and the actress has shared her hotel room with Frankie during a stay in the villa.

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