Naagin 6 1st May 2022 Written Update, Episode 24


Naagin 6 1st May 2022 Written Update, Episode 24

Naagin 6. 1st May, 2022. Written Update. Episode 24 Naagin 6. Written update Check out the latest episode on the internet on the The VOOT app

Naagin 6 1st May 2022 Written Update:

Today’s Naagin Season 6 , 1st May 2022 episode begins with Pratha getting sick to be able to Seema lay so easily to Rishabh.

Seema brings Pratha as well as Rishabh to the Balaji Temple, and not the Bhairav Nath Temple as she has promised.

Seema tricks Pratha by claiming that, as Naagin is the only way to get into a temple. Naagin, Pratha cannot enter an area that is guarded by ‘Garuda Devi’.

Pratha gives an argument with Rishabh that she’ll visit the temple after she purchases some deities with flowers.

In the temple, Seema pretends to be suffering from headaches and asks Rishabh to bring her a glass of water to her.

Seema directs Rishabh to leave from the temple by the backdoor before which there is an unfinished well.

Seema has her gang to take out Rishabh

When Rishabh goes away, Seema calls her goons.

Seema directs anyone on the line to complete Rishabh as fast as they can.

On the contrary, Pratha gets worried when Rishabh doesn’t come out from the temple.

A white snake slithers towards Pratha as well as Mehak and both take it on.

The snake takes Pratha along with Mehak to the back door of the temple. There, Pratha is confronted by Seema.

Seema is a sarcastic Pratha for her late arrival and attempts to take off the istoor that adorns Pratha’s forehead.

However, her efforts become to nothing and her nails rub Pratha’s face, which causes blood replaces the aresoor on her forehead.

In a violent movement back and forth, Pratha leaves in search of Rishabh and gives instructions to Mehak to adhere to Seema.

Pratha follow the prints left by the tyres of the van on which Rishabh was transported.

Pratha is able to reach Rishabh just at the right time

Pratha meets Rishabh who is being held hostage by the gang of goons.

Rishabh isn’t afraid and always says Rishabh will not let anything negative take place to Bharat.

When Pratha talks before the gang, Rishabh gets stunned and demands that she go away.

Pratha is able to hold a gun over her head and points toward one of her male friends.

But, the gun has just one bullet, and the gangsters are threatening to kill Pratha along with Rishabh.

Pratha is contemplating changing her appearance into the Naagin avatar, but decides to rescind the idea.

Seema meets a lady who has been locked up

On the other hand Mehak is following Seema entering an abandoned, dark house.

A woman, holding the toy baby holding it in her palm, can be being heard singing lullabies.

Seema is keeping the lady inside for many years.

Seema is at the door and asks the elderly woman to put down her unattractive singing.

Seema takes the toy from the woman’s hands and throws it into the nearby fire.

Seema insists on the woman to reveal the truth about something.

The woman shakes her head in a negative manner.

The lady is afraid of the presence of Seema and becomes emotionally disturbed when she sees the baby toy being burned in the flames.

Mehak assists Pratha help save Rishabh

A shaking happens on the ground, which causes a knock to Rishabh unconscious.

The goons shake in the dirt and Pratha realizes it’s Mehak who is there to assist her.

Pratha is Shesh Naagin, and summons the snakes in her clan to slay all of the goons.

Pratha is furious as this time, the risk has been imposed on her husband who she loves so much.

A number of snakes belonging to Pratha’s clan arrive immediately and kill the goons in the area.

Pratha gets Rishabh to his home safe and both discuss the incident that took place.

Rishabh informs Pratha to quit the town with Seema.

Pratha refuses to leave and informs Rishabh that she will not be ever leaving him.

Rishabh discusses Seema’s birthday next week and the way he’s planning to make it memorable.

Pratha receives a hint

Pratha then questions Rishabh about his photos from his childhood.

Rishabh says to Pratha that Seema does not let Rishabh view his childhood photographs because he was scared and timid in his early years.

Pratha is a hugger with Rishabh while he is emotionally affected by Seema.

He says to Pratha the fact that Seema would sing songs for Rishabh and he doesn’t remember it.

Rishabh is then able to inform Pratha that his album from childhood must be stored in the room.

Then, Pratha asks Mehak about the location Seema was at.

Mehak shares with Pratha she heard a woman singing a strange song.

Both of them enter the storage room to look through Rishabh’s old photos.

The photos Pratha and Mehak encounter are of Rishabh approximately 15 years old. They are not from the time before.

Pratha’s mind is racked with many questions.

Pratha finds a picture of a woman with an unidentified Rishabh sitting next to her.

Pratha demands Mehak to accompany her to the house that is abandoned because she has a huge surprise for Seema.

Seema is afraid of Pratha

In the following day Pratha will be all set to shock Seema with her mind.

Pratha presents an chocolate cake for Seema to slice.

Rishabh is looking at Seema with awe as Pratha gives a cake bite to Seema however Seema is wary that Pratha mixing something else into the cake.

Pratha is able to read the mind of Seema and tells her mother-in law straight that there’s no poison inside her cake.

Pratha is then enticed to eat a piece of the cake and then secretly shows her genitals to Seema to get her attention.

Seema Then, she asks Lalit to test the cake. However, Lalit quits the scene and makes a sloppy excuse.

There is no other choice, Seema hurls the cake across the floor and eats it fresh which leaves Rishabh disoriented.

Pratha is Rishabh’s mother.

Then the two Mehak and Pratha meet the lady who lives in the abandoned, dark house.

When Pratha is able to hear the lullaby come from the mouth of her, Pratha realizes that the lady is Rishabh’s mom.

The face of her is similar to that of that of the woman Pratha wears.

When Pratha is attempting to kiss her feet, Rishabh’s mother pulls her feet away from her in terror.

Pratha as well as Mehak’s eyes glisten with tears as they look at the old trauma that haunts Rishabh’s mother.

Pratha promises that she will be reunited with her with Rishabh and that nobody will be able to stop this.

Pratha outsmart Seema

While, Rishabh looks for Pratha at home.

Seema already contacted the doctor about giving Rishabh the shot that will cause him to die.

Lalit versucht to change Seema’s opinion, however Seema is determined to kill Rishabh.

When Seema comes across Rishabh looking for Pratha She informs him that the doctor is there to administer a shot of painkiller.

Just as the doctor is ready the injection of Rishabh, Pratha arrives and is screaming in pain.

Then she is then pushed Seema to the ground and appears shocked.

Pratha will then convince the doctor to offer Seema the shot of painkiller first.

The doctor is forced to choose other than to comply.

But, Pratha whispers into Seema’s ears that it’s not poison, but a medicine that can cause Seema feel sleepy.

Pratha delights Seema like she the movie had promised

After everyone is gathered to celebrate Seema’s birthday, Pratha unveils the collage she made from the photographs that were kept in the storeroom.

Her eyes are widening in spite of the tiredness, and her heart skips little.

Lalit is also amazed about how Pratha allowed to get into the storeroom.

Pratha then dances along with Rishabh to depict her love story Lalit as well as Seema.

But, Seema does not enjoy it. Her heart is overrun with fear about what’s to come.

When Seema is looking up and is shocked find Rishabh’s mother watching her be freed after a long time.

Can Seema outsmart Shesh Naagin?

Today is the last day of today. Naagin the 6th May, 2022 episode written.

Naagin the 6th of May, 2022 episode update Newest Promo:

According to the most recent promo from Naagin Season 6 on 1st May 2022, Seema will be looking for ways to take down Rishabh.

But, Pratha will team up with Mehak to unravel the motive behind why Seema would like to take down Rishabh.

In the coming Naagin 6 story, Pratha And Mehak will come to realize they are not the real Seema is not really the father of Rishabh.

Rishabh’s mother was locked up by Seema for a long time and is at the point of becoming insane.

Pratha will inquire with Mehak about the lady who was heard singing songs of lullabies.

After locating the home of Rishabh’s mother’s real home, Pratha will bring her to the Gujral House.

Pratha is thrilled to amaze Seema by giving someone answers to Seema’s dark unsettling, and dark past.

What do you think Seema respond to this?

Let’s find out what Pratha is preparing for Seema and the twists and turns that will play out the plot of Naagin 6.

To find out more Download Naagin 6 and all of its episodes, or stream this (1 mai 2022) most recent episode, go to

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