Naagin 6 16th April 2022 Written Update


Naagin 6

The ColorsTV serial Naagin 6 has captured the interest of viewers and received the highest TRP ratings so far. The show is hosted by Tejaswi Prakash and has been enthralling the audience from the very beginning. As per the latest update, Pratha is on the path to revealing her hidden life. She has vowed to kill anyone who harms the country.


“You are not pregnant,” says Pratha to Shalaka as the two walk the terrace. “Why are you lying?” Shalaka asks. Pratha says she is not pregnant, but she does not want to visit the mountain behind the Neelgiri mountain. She does not want to take a herbal remedy for her black poisonous patches. Pratha says that she is not pregnant.


The wait is over and Pratha, Naagin 6 will soon premiere. This high-voltage drama will take on the role of an ‘interactive detective’. In the second episode of Naagin 6, the antagonist Rashmi Desai will try to inject a poison into the Yamuna River, which will spread a deadly virus. Luckily, Pratha manages to defeat Rashmi and save her life.


If you’re eagerly awaiting the next episode of Rishabh Naagin 6, you can’t wait any longer. The supernatural drama is going to air on ColorsTV from April 3rd. In the previous episode, Pratha had learned that she was a Seshnaagin. She had begun a quest to save the nation by absorbing a poison from the river. Mahek intervened and saved her. Rishabh’s quest for revenge was set in motion after he learned that Pratha is the Seshnaagin and that she is in love with Yash.


In Naagin 6, Shivanya is seen thinking about how she can escape from the naagmani poojan. She asks lord Shivji to show her the way. But Shivanya cannot see the path and faints in the poojan. Later, Shivanya meets the doc who declares that she is tired. However, Shivanya apologises to Yamini as she was tired and needs rest. Moreover, she also remembers that she was not a naagmani and she should be treated carefully.


The latest episode of Naagin 6 continues with a major twist. Mahek is still under the spell of Pratha, but the two are about to get married. Mahek tells Pratha that Shangrila has poison in her backbone. Pratha uses this knowledge to get rid of the evil and save her daughter in law. This episode also shows the upcoming events in the story.


Rehan has been in the news for the past few episodes after murdering Diya. This time, he is facing a similar situation. After discovering the truth about Diya, Pratha vows to kill Rehan before their wedding. However, she will not give up until she kills Rehan. She also vows to expose Rishabh’s identity to Rishi.

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