Naagin 6 10th April 2022 Written Update


Naagin 6

Naagin 6 10th April 2022 written update: As per the latest episode of the show, Mahek will cheat on Pratha to get Rishabh, and Pratha will try to stop him. We are sure to see many more Naagins in the coming episodes, so stay tuned to this show to know more. This episode also features the arrival of Brinda as a new naagin.

Nayantara discovers that Brinda is a naagin

After a long time, Nayantara finally finds out that Brinda is a demon. The tyrant makes a move to kill Nayantara, a powerful witch. However, she is unable to kill her and escapes from the forest. Nayantara is very much shocked and begins to question the motive of Brinda. The evil witch also tries to escape by stealing Nayantara.

During a conversation, Nayantara reveals to Vishakha that she is a Naagnmani. Then, Nayantara is enraged and vows to take revenge on Brinda. The actress and director of the show have already set the stage for a big twist in the next episode.

Shesh Naagin’s relationship with Shivangi

Shesh Naagin is a naag in the series “Naagin”. She was the first naag to become a ichchadhari naag and has been with Shivangi since he was thirteen. In Nagin 3, Shivangi disguises herself as Tanya and follows Rocky to the woods where he transforms into a naag. The two fight and Rocky manages to kill Shivangi. After the fight, Shesha disappears, revealing that he was the one who killed Shivangi in the first place.

Rocky’s mother tries to save Rocky, but she is not convinced by Shivangi. Shivangi is the only person who can save Mansi. He tries to convince Rocky that Shivangi is a nagmani, but he refuses. Shivangi uses black magic to protect Mansi from Shesha. Rocky takes Shivangi away from Yamini, and he decides to take back his wife.

Shesh Naagin’s relationship with Vikrant

The story revolves around the family of Shesh Naagin, who are the descendants of the legendary queen Bela. Shesh Naagin’s relationship with Vikrant begins after she learns about Bela’s death, and they start dating. Ultimately, their relationship leads to murder and mayhem. In order to protect their clan, the sisters hire the services of an assassin named Shravani, who is killed by the twins. The characters include Vikrant’s brother Yuvraj and his sister Brinda, who are the daughters of the wealthy Sheshnag clan.

In the movie, Bela becomes conscious and remembers the moment when Mahir told her that he would never forget her. She told him that love is not something to be hidden or repressed. She told him to express his love to her in front of everyone and listen to everything she has to say. She suddenly sees something outside the room and then realizes that it is Vikrant. He tries to help Bela and prays that she is safe.

Shesh Naagin’s relationship with Rocky

The story revolves around the relationship of Shesh Naagin with Rocky. It started off innocently. Rocky and Shesha fall in love, but Rocky is jealous of Shesha’s success. Rocky tries to convince Shesha that he is innocent of all her crimes, but she refuses. Rocky then kills Shivangi with a sword. After Shesha dies, Rocky goes back to Shivangi and prays for his return. Rocky is relieved to find his lost love, but Shesh is enraged that his lover was stealing her precious time.

In the upcoming episode of Naagin 2, Shivangi and Rocky will reveal a major twist. Rocky’s love for Shesha is threatened by her father’s murder. However, Shivangi wants to exact revenge on the Rahejas, and Rocky is angry. Rocky is consoled by Shivangi, but Rocky is still in doubt. The upcoming episode will also reveal Rocky’s secret love for Shesha.

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