Naagin 6 10th April 2022 Written Update


Naagin 6

The upcoming episode of Naagin will feature several exciting twists and turns. We will learn that Pratha has a doppelganger and she prays to Lord Shiva for the man of her dreams! Rishabh will fall far away from Pratha and get killed! Meanwhile, we will also learn about the incident when Shivanya kills Yamini. We will also learn about Pratha’s misunderstanding with Shesh Naagin and the appearance of Pratha’s doppelganger.

Shivanya kills Yamini

In the latest episode of Naagin 6, Shivanya kills Yamini in order to protect Rithik from the mahishmati clan. As the nagin, Shivanya has a lot of plans for the future. Shesha is very concerned about the bahu’s well-being, so she decides to help Shivanya and convince him to get married to Rithik. Shivanya catches up to her and says that she will kill him. But before she can kill him, Shesha breaks the fake nagmani and rushes in as a nagin.

Pratha prays to Lord Shiva to get the man of her dreams

During the Naagin six 10th April 2022 Written Update, Pratha asks Lord Shiva to grant her the man of her dreams, who is also the king. She also prays to Lord Shiva to win back her lost love and return her old family palace. Mahek, Pratha’s elder sister, explains that the king’s son and the two Naagins were destined to be together, so she’s been praying to him ever since she was a little girl.

Shesh Naagin’s misunderstanding with Pratha

A misunderstanding between Shesh Naagin and Pratha recurs throughout the show. Shesh is a mysterious man who has been entrusted to save Pratha and her younger brother from the Asuras. Pratha is the only one who can heal people, but her powers are limited, and she must find a way to use them for the better. Meanwhile, Pratha is a normal girl, raised by a man and woman family, but she has healing powers. The powers she has come to possess are for good, and she must learn to use them to save the world.

Ruhi’s doppelganger

After a hundred years, Ruhi reunites with her lover Vikrant and is about to get married to him. But unfortunately, Vikrant is murdered by Yuvraj. As a result, Ruhi is devastated and vows to return for revenge. The episode will continue with the arrival of Ruhi’s doppelganger.

Shesh Naagin’s relationship with Vikrant

The episode starts with Bela’s murder. Earlier, she was a Naagin. Vikrant is unaware of it. However, someone close to the family plants Bela in the Sehgal family to cause them harm. Vikrant, in turn, tries to find a way to eliminate the Sehgal family. This episode also introduces Shanglira, an artificially created Naagin. It is the doppelganger of Shalaka.

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