Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye Weekly Update: Armaan reveals the truth.


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye Weekly Update

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This week we saw that Saumya tells Sushma that she had already told Armaan that she would not meet any of his guests. Sushma asks her to go downstairs for her. She walks downstairs with her. Sushma thanks her. Soumya then goes to the kitchen to get food for them. Everyone thinks that Soumya has prepared the food. They start praising her. Soumya tells them that she has not cooked the food. Everyone feels bad to hear this.

They tell Armaan that he should not have lied to them. He apologises to them. Later they leave. Armaan angrily throws the plate. Soumya gets shocked seeing this. Soumya tells Armaan why he is doing all this. Armaan says that no one is here so she doesn’t need to pretend. Soumya says that she is not doing any drama. Armaan says that he has made a mistake by loving her. He adds that today he has to apologize because of her. Soumya says that it is not her fault. She adds that he had to apologize because he lied them. Armaan asks her to shut up. He says that her only identity is that she is his wife so she doesn’t need to be his boss. Saumya is shocked to hear this. Saumya raises her voice against him. Armaan gets angry and is about to slap her. However, Saumya stops him.

Later Saumya is about to leave the house. Sushma tries to stop her and falls from the stairs. Soumya gets shocked seeing this. Later Harsh tells Armaan that Saumya has not left the house only because of Sushma. He adds that as soon as Sushma gets well, Soumya will leave, so he has to do something as soon as possible. Saying this he leaves from there. Shilpi further calls up Armaan and tells him that she is in trouble. Armaan agrees to help her. After a few days, Sushma recovers. They are all planning that they will go out with Sushma. Just then, Soumya’s father Shilpi comes there. Soumya asks them what they are doing here.

Shilpi tells her that their father’s health had deteriorated and he had suffered a heart attack. Soumya asks her why she didn’t tell her about it. Saumya’s father tells her that she needs to worry as he is fine now and Armaan has helped him a lot. Next, Armaan and everyone else have breakfast. Just then a man comes there and asks Armaan to sign some cheques. Armaan says that Saumya’s name is in the singing authority. Shilpi and Saumya’s father feels very happy to hear all this. Shilpi says that Armaan is the best husband. Soumya goes to her room. She tells Armaan that she is not going to forgive him seeing these gifts. She adds that she will never forget that he insulted her by raising his hand.

Then Saumya comes to Simi. She asks her if Armaan has also come with her. She refuses and tells her that she needs work. She calls Armaan and tells him about Saumya. Armaan tells Simi to tell her that she will talk about it. Next Armaan comes there. Seeing Armaan, Saumya starts remembering his deceit and faints. Armaan is shocked to see this and takes her to the hospital. After a while, Soumya regains consciousness. Armaan asks her if she is fine. She says yes. Next comes the Dr. The doctor tells Armaan that Saumya is pregnant. Armaan gets happy hearing this.

Soumya says that if he wants a fresh start then he has to tell Harsh and Sushma that she is working for him. She says that she wants her new beginning to start with the truth so she should tell the truth to everyone. She asks him if he will do this for her. Armaan says that he will tell the truth. Armaan further tells everyone that Saumya is writing for his show. Sushma and Harsh are shocked to hear his words. He says that Saumya did not want to do this work but he forced her to do so. Armaan says that Saumya is a very good writer and his show is also a hit because of Saumya. Harsh says that if he has decided then Saumya can work but she will work only for Oberoi Telefilms. Soumya gets ready for this.

Armaan brings Saumya to the room and shows her photo frame and says that he has fixed it and soon he will fix her broken trust. He asks Saumya what he should do to make her happy. Soumya wants him to be like this always. Armaan hugs her. While Saumya comes to meet her family members. Shalu gets happy seeing her and says that she has brought sweets for her. Later Saumya is happy to see her name in the credits. She then returns home and gets shocked to see another woman in Armaan’s arms.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Harsh will get angry at Sushma and will punish her. On the other hand, Saumya will come to Armaan and will say to him that in pregnancy women needs their husband’s support thus she need him too.

What will happen now? Will Armaan take care of Saumya?


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