More than 70 people arrested during Mandalay crack down, charged with section 505 (a) of Penal Code


More than 70 peaceful protestors were arrested while they were staging a protest in Yadanarbon jetty in Mandalay on February 20. They were filed lawsuits under Section 505 (a) of Penal Code, Section 143, 148, 152, at the Maha Aung Myay Township court on February 22.

“Their court appearance will be on March 5. We don’t know who they are (detained people). We will know only when they appear in court,” said a lawyer planning to appear from the detained people.

The police and military use water cannons to disperse people and then use rubber bullets and live rounds of ammunition. As a result, two innocent people were killed by gunshot wounds at the scene according to eyewitnesses and medical cover teams happened to be there at that time.

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