Mithai 18th April 2022 Written Update: Indu requests Hari Mohan and Sid to hide her health condition from Mithai



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The episode starts with Doctor telling Sid that Indu is suffering from lung cancer. Sid in shock asks what? The doctor says it’s in the early stage so it can be treatable with proper treatment but you have to make sure that she has to take medicines at the correct time. Sid asks is it curable. The doctor tells he can’t give the guarantee. Sid recalls his moments with his mother. He thinks that he is feeling like going to lose his mother again which he doesn’t let happen this time. Mithai sings a song for Gopal placing him Prasad. Mithai makes her mother sit on the bed and tells her that they have to reach Jaldipura to fulfill her dreams. She asks her Mom to take complete rest. Indu controls her tears.

Sid returns home and handovers the report to Dadu. Hari Mohan gets shocked seeing the reports. Mithai goes to prepare Kadha for her mother. Sid and Dadu come to Indu’s room. She asks them to tell her what’s in the report. Sid tells her she is suffering from lung cancer. Indu gets shocked. Sid tells her he doesn’t let anything happens to her. Dadu tells Doctor said it’s treatable but treatment must start immediately. Indu requests them to hide her condition from Mithai. Mithai comes there with Kadha and asks them what’s in the reports. Dadu tells me it’s a normal infection. Mithai them for allowing them to stay with them as family and tells them that they will leave for Jaipur. They leave. Mithai hugs her mother and tells her that she won’t let her do any work.

Dadi and Dadu pray to Balgopal to cure Indu for Mithai. Dadi makes Gopal Ji sleep. Indu takes the necklace given by Aarti. She goes mandir and shows the necklace to Dadi and Dadu. Dadi asks how it came to her. Indu says I thought to return it to Indu and gives it to Dadi. Dadu asks her to tell them what’s the truth as it’s their ancestral necklace. Indu says Aarti asked Mithai’s hand for Sid and gave me this necklace. Sid overhears their conversation. Indu says don’t worry I know there is so much difference between them and that’s why I returned this necklace as Sid’s wife deserves it and Mithai might study well if her Dad is alive. She asks them to search groom for Mithai from their company workers as she feels happy if she sees Mithai married. She leaves.

Dadi tells Dadu to hide this matter from family members. Dadu sees Sid and asks if he wants to say something. Sid goes on telling him he is going for walk. On the terrace, he thinks about Indu’s words. Dadu tells Dadi that he wants to tell Sid about it. Dadu asks him to hide it if he wants peace in their house. She says Mithai is good but she is different than Sid. Dadu says when Mithai will get married in this house, she will take good care of this family like Aarti. Dadi asks him to not think in this way as Girish won’t like it. Mithai comes there and tells Dadu that she is feeling like they are hiding something from her.

Episode ends.


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