Mere Sai 2nd May 2022 Episode Written Update


Mere Sai 2nd May 2022 Episode Written Update

Mere Sai fans will be thrilled to know the plot of the upcoming episode of the popular television show. After the wedding of Shivani and Rajiv, Virat is worried about Sai’s whereabouts and prays for her safe return. Virat wants Sai near him and surprises her. Virat remembers the conversation between Sai and the portrait of her father, and wants her to be near him as soon as possible.

Shivani and Rajiv’s marriage

In this week’s episode of Mere Sai, Shivani and Rajiv’s wedding is in danger, as Virat and Rajiv clash over their relationship. The lovers are not in a happy state, and Rajiv promises to save them. Sai is also worried about Rajiv’s upcoming wedding to Anjum. The two are forced to live apart for a short while, but they are able to reconcile.

Bhavani and Rajiv are in the middle of their marriage, and Bhavani tries to annoy them by instigate the fight. However, she refuses to be pranked by the thugs. Bhavani insists that Shivani be forgiven, and she does, but he does not. The gang tells her to go and talk to Shivani.

Virat misses Sai

In the upcoming episode of Mere Sapne, Virat realizes that he has missed his beloved wife. He is sad and searches for Sai, but it does not take long for him to realize that he has missed her. Virat finds a bouquet of flowers that the kids have brought. The girls smile, and the girl asks if it is Virat Chavan. Virat accepts the flowers. Seeing the gesture, Pakhi gets jealous and tries to find Sai. The kids also ask Virat if he has invited Panditji for the wedding.

Meanwhile, Ashwini and Rajeev visit the Chavan family. Ashwini thanks Sai for saving Rajiv, and they all feel happy to see him and Ashwini. However, Virat is saddened by the fact that his wife has chosen to be with her husband and not with his children. But Ashwini assures them that everything will be alright. She says that she will close Sai’s kitchen once she is free of her rule over them.

Laskhmikant asks Rama to enter the room

Rama is wondering why Laskhmikant asked him to enter the room, after he has called her to his house. He is shocked, and tries to guess what he’s doing. The conversation turns to her being confused by his words. As they are talking, Rama realises that he has forgotten his name and is unable to remember how to spell his name.

Rama prays for Sai to return to him

In the upcoming episode of the show, Rama is seen praying to Sai to come back to him and tell him that she is in love with him. Rama also asks if Sai would leave him easily. After Nana Saheb comes, Sai comes to his house and tells him about his feelings. Rama then goes to meet the family members. He finds that they are in love and want to tell Sai that they are in love.

Meanwhile, Rama and Radhika are talking about how they met in the first place. They have just returned home, when Sai appears. Sai is looking at the lost moon and asks why Radhika is disturbed. He tells her that closures are always accompanied by inconveniences, like Poornima. After a brief conversation with him, Rama tells him to wait for another chance to see Sai and he will be back.


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