Meet 3rd May 2022 Written Update


Meet 3rd May 2022 Written Update

Meet 3rd May 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

This morning’s Meet 3rd May 2022 episode begins with Shantanu being furious because his identity could be exposed. He is trying to steal an anonymous suicide note off Meet Hooda while trying to choke her to death.

And in another place, Meet Ahlawat goes to his room, and is concerned when he discovers that it is empty. He calls at Meet Hooda.

However, he does not receive any reply and believes that she’s fled to pursue Shantanu.

In the jungle, Meet Hooda escapes from Shantanu’s clutches and escapes as Shantanu pursues her.

Shantanu informs Meet Hooda that she will be killed in the same way as Latika when she falls off the cliff. She then starts combating with Latika.

Shantanu is able to pull Meet Hooda from the cliff hoping that she tumbles to the bottom, and then dies.

But, Meet Hooda manages to stay on the ground after Shantanu presses on her hand, squeezing her hand with his shoe.

Meet Hooda is unable to hold its own and falls off the cliff.

And in another place, Meet Ahlawat feels that the person she meets Hooda may be in peril. She is trying to track her whereabouts using an GPS tracking device.

How can Meet Hooda survive the fall? Can Meet Ahlawat come on time to save Meet Hooda?

Maybe is it all a scam designed by Meet Hooda so that Shantanu admits to his crime, and then is arrested?

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