Meet 2nd May 2022 Episode Written Update


Meet 2nd May 2022 Episode Written Update

Meet 2nd May 2022 episode written update: Here we will discuss about the precap, Angad’s anger at Fateh and doubts about Jasmin. Read on to know what Angad plans to do to break Meet Ahlawat. It will be a fun episode for all viewers. The story will also cover Meet Ahlawat’s plans to take revenge on Manushi for her provocative dress.


Watch Meet 2nd May 2022 Written Update to know how the story is shaping up! This week, the show will focus on the nexus of Meet Ahlawat and Manushi. In the episode, Meet is enamored with Manushi, who is in love with the handsome Arya. While the two men are busy battling it out, Meet and Manushi are pondering over whether they should wear provocative dresses.

Angad’s anger at Fateh

In “Meet 2nd May 2022,” Angad’s angry words towards Fateh come from his past. He was a driver before the riot when he met Tejo and made her admit to the hospital. He has become angry with Fateh for causing her unhappiness. Angad vows not to let Fateh harm Tejo again and hires goons to do it.

Angad’s doubts about Jasmin

When Angad and Jasmin get married, they both are incredibly happy. However, their marriage is threatened by Fateh’s suspicions that Jasmin is cheating on him. After Angad meets Sharma, he learns that Fateh has been manipulating Jasmin against him. As a result, Jasmin is furious and decides to follow him to his house to find out what is going on.

Angad’s plan to break Meet Ahlawat

The story revolves around Tejo and Angad. Tejo’s engagement to Angad is broken after she reads a letter from Jasmin and becomes suspicious of him. Tejo agrees to marry Angad, but Fateh tries to prevent it, but Tejo convinces him otherwise. Tejo then sets fire to the factory and becomes trapped inside. The Virks are not happy when Tejo tells them to marry Angad, but the other women don’t believe him.

Ram’s plan to break Meet

A Rams team that will take on the Oklahoma Sooners in the NCAA Championships on the track in the future could be a very interesting proposition for the league. However, it’s important to note that the Rams’ plan is not as simple as it seems. To get there, you’ll need to get a lot of help from the Oklahoma Sooners, and that will be from the opposing team.

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