Meet 29th April 2022 Written Update


Meet 29th April 2022 Written Update

Meet 29th April 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today’s Meet 29th April 2022 episode starts with the Ahlawat family taking Isha away from the temple where her marriage with Deep was supposed to happen.

Babita asserts that Meet Hooda won’t step into the house until the marriage of Isha with Shantanu is done.

Meet Ahlawat looks at Meet Hooda with helplessness as well as frustration because of her stubbornness.

However, Meet Hooda’s determination to protect Isha is not shattered.

She tells Deep to not lose hope.

Strong-willed to protect Isha at any cost, Meet Hooda concocts a scheme with Deep.

On the other hand, Isha is asked by the whole family that Deep is not somebody who can give her a secure future and Shantanu will provide her with everything.

Later, Shantanu and Abhay Rana come up with all the pomp and show for the marriage.

The whole Ahlawat family has left Meet Hooda in the lurch including Meet Ahlawat, how will Meet Hooda save Isha?

Will she replace Shantanu with Deep or she will get a hold of some evidence against Shantanu and use her police power?

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