Lock Upp: Latest News! Saisha’s friend, Chirag exposes Munawar’s strategy!


Lock Upp: Latest News! Saisha's friend, Chirag exposes Munawar's strategy!

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In the most recent installment on Lock Upp, everyone was amazed by the appearance of their locked ones.

A family member or a family member is given the opportunity to choose any contestant who they believe is a barrier for the person they’re supporting.

Anjali and Azma’s mother were the first parents to be locked in to meet their daughters.

When Saisha’s friend Chirag arrives at Chirag’s home in the Lock Upp, he greets everyone and praises Munawar’s play.

The crowd is delighted to watch Chirag showing how Munawar creates double faces by winding people against one the other.

Chirag refers to Munawar’s plan that he used to warn Anjali and Saisha from putting their trust in one another, while remaining with them both.

Not just the contestants, but also the family members who are stuck in were being spotted taunting one another in indirect manner.

But, when Payal’s fiancé, Sangram Singh gets locked into the room, he calls all to relax and encourages everyone to keep the game going.

Lock Upp’s strategy of making contestants get together with their favorite ones to get support to push towards the final looks to be working effectively.

Let’s see how the shocking revelations made by Chirag and other contestants affect the relationships between contestants on the upcoming seasons on Lock Upp.


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