Lock Upp: Latest Finale Story! Prisoners face the media!


Lock Upp: Latest Finale Story

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In the most recent installment in the series Lock Upp, the prisoners are confused by Kangana’s presence in prison’s yard.

The surprise isn’t over because Kangana is joined by the national media comprising Sana Farzi Vibha Kaul Siddharth Kannan along with Shravan Shah.

Beginning with a asking Munawar and Anjali on whether they are scared of losing the support of Fans of #Munjali The media panel then poses a variety of questions to the prisoner.

Payal is interrogated after blameing everyone else for their own story.

But, Payal conveys her thoughts following which Sana is accused by Payal of putting up an argument with everyone in order in order to be perceived as a single fighter.

Even Kangana makes fun of Anjali for being attracted by Prince even though she was having a relationship with Munawar.

Furthermore, Kangana mentions the power of the media, in which they can send two prisoners at the bottom of the chain.

Within the Benaqaab Room, the media panel has a consensus to place Anjali along with Poonam in the lower two spots.

Let’s see if Anjali or Poonam’s followers can save their lives as they do not have the chance to save themselves in the

upcoming episodes of Lock Upp.

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