Lock Upp: Latest Finale Gossips! Puzzle Hustle at Atyachari Arena!


Lock Upp

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In the latest Episode, Payal and Prince are the two remaining players on the field to remain secure and get into the last week.

The team has Karan Kundrra back on Lock Upp with a new mission for the two contestants.

The objective was to solve the puzzle, after overcoming different obstacles.

The contestants were offered the chance to select a different participant to represent themselves, Prince appoints Anjali to perform on his behalf, while Payal is determined to play for herself.

When Payal and Anjali finish their work, Jailor Karan announces Anjali as the winner, removing Prince from his charge sheet.

Payal celebrated her victory but she does it too early, and gets numb once Anjali’s final time is shorter than hers.

Let’s see if the audience help their favourite contestants, who are locked out, in the coming installments on Lock Upp.

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