Like Crazy: What Happens to Samantha? End, explained


“Like Crazy” (2011) viewing time is less than 90 minutes. And of course, this short, low-budget film can tell a surprisingly small story with little love and the effects that distance can have. University students Anna Gardner as Felicity Jones and Jacob Helm as Anton Yelchin crossed their heads.

But Anna, a British exchange student, has to return to the UK after her student visa expires. Their unconditional love is tested by the physical distance between them and the time they are apart. The film is said to be based on a real-life relationship between director Drake Doremus and an Austrian woman named Desiree Pappenscheller.

Movie overview Like Crazy

Anna and Jacob are students at the same university in Los Angeles. She aspires to become a journalist while learning to design furniture. One day, after class, she leaves a love letter in her windshield. Jacob reads it with a growing smile on his face and laughs out loud when he sees that you asked him not to think of him as a “crazy” in the text. He calls the number he also wrote in the book, and they both fall in love.

After her graduation and the expiration of Anna’s immediate student visa, her parents, Bernard as Oliver Muirhead and Jackie as Alex Kingston, repeatedly warned her about it. They came for a short visit and soon fell in love with Jacob. Despite all the warnings, Anna will stay in the US for a few weeks because she wants to extend their time together as much as possible. This decision has recently proved very short-sighted, as it has a long-term catastrophic effect. On her way back to the US, Anna is denied entry to the airport due to visa violations and is being repatriated to the UK.

The breakup begins to affect their relationship. They are busy with their lives when they go to work. But sooner or later, all those real feelings for each other get overwhelming. Jacob closes his business and goes to the UK to be with Anna. During dinner with Anna’s family, Jacob discovers that Bernard and Jackie have found a lawyer about the move. Bernard later suggests that Anna and Jacob should just get married, according to him, which will be much easier and cheaper.

However, Jacob is not yet mentally and emotionally ready to take on that responsibility. She returns to the US and begins a relationship with Samantha as Jennifer Lawrence. Both he and Anna try their best to move on with their lives, but realize they can’t. Anna reached out to Jacob and suggested that the marriage continue. In this case, Jacob agrees.

However, marriage proves that it is not enough. Anna still doesn’t get a visa. In the midst of frustration and anger, jealousy and suspicion set in. They broke up again and Jacob returned to Los Angeles. She starts dating Samantha again, while Anna is engaged to a man named Simon as Charlie Bewley. Then Anna finally got her new visa. Its current condition makes it seem as if time has passed. His parents met Simon. When they realized that she wanted to control various aspects of their daughter’s life, they soon began to hate her. Simon ignores other people’s feelings and lifts Anna up for her parents. He says no and decides to board a flight to the US.

Since the film has an open and vague ending, there are many possible answers to this question. Most clearly not. After Anna arrives in Los Angeles, Jacob greets her with flowers in her hand, just as he first intended when he returned to her and was denied entry into the United States. However, it soon becomes clear that something has changed between them. Their love is always big and emotionally fast.

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But after the reunion, it seems that they have been through all of this and have finally taken over their responsibilities in their relationship. When they arrive at Jacob’s house, Anna takes a bath and Jacob immediately joins them. Standing together in a very close relationship, they recall the fond memories they have for each other and seem to realize that their relationship is nearing an inevitable end.

Often love is not enough to sustain a relationship. Simplicity is important, as is the willingness to sacrifice yourself. The first time Jacob traveled to the UK, he had to close his business for a few weeks, something he was totally uncomfortable with. As they try to maintain long-term relationships, it will be difficult for them to balance their workload. It is only after that that they part from each other that they achieve real professional success. And this is only part of the complex setback of their relationship.

The time they were apart changed so much that no one knew them. Moreover, Doremus’ relationship with Pappenscheller and their short marriage didn’t work out in real life. Looking at that, we can safely say that Anna and Jacob will eventually break up and go their separate ways.

The film’s open ending, however, leaves audiences guessing at other possibilities. It always happened that Anna and Jacob had a long talk after showering and were finally able to work things out. They can also follow the pattern they have set and temporarily stray from their ways. But over time they return. The circle continues until they are ready to accept that they cannot live without each other.

What will happen to Samantha?

like a freak

Samantha has a secondary interest in Jacob’s love of the film. After her marriage to Anna failed, she returned to the US and began her relationship with Samantha. However, when Anna decides to return to the US, the public suddenly sees Samantha lost in Jacob’s life. After hearing that Anna will return to the US again, it is possible that Jacob will break Samantha’s heart again and end the affair with her. The director chooses not to show this, perhaps because the same thing happened before the film and it would have just been a repeat of it. It is therefore up to the public to draw their own conclusions. Like crazy.

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