Late Night Hosts Mock OnlyFans Move to Ban Pornographic Videos

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert both skewered a decision by OnlyFans to ban pornographic videos, a move that was announced Thursday.

The content subscription service said that starting in October, it will no longer allow “sexually explicit conduct” on the platform, a move made at the behest of banking partners and payment providers.

OnlyFans, founded in 2016, is most well-known for featuring adult content and was praised as a safe space for sex workers.

The late-night hosts threw some jabs at the company over the surprising pivot.

“They know that fans of OnlyFans are only fans of one thing, right?” joked Late Show’s Stephen Colbert, who also mocked the decision for the company to bow to pressure from banks.

“Evidently, pornography does not live up to the high moral standards of investment bankers — unless it’s them fucking the economy,” Colbert quipped. “But I do have good news for the OnlyFans fans out there. There is another place to find sexually explicit material on the internet — it’s called the internet.”

A shocked Fallon also briefly mocked the OnlyFans move in his Tonight Show monologue.

“This would be like Playboy only printing the articles,” Fallon said. “And if you watching this with someone who quickly asked, ‘What’s OnlyFans?’ Trust me, they know exactly what it is.”

Watch Colbert’s takedown below.

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