Kundali Bhagya: Latest Gossip! Shrishti is Hurt!


Kundali Bhagya

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In the forthcoming Story of Kundali Bhagya, Shrishti will be hurt by Preeta.

So far in the case of Kundali Bhagya Karan has been accused by Preeta of trying to frame him in the match fixing case that Shrishti hears.

Shrishti is left feeling helpless because she’s not being able to discern Karan Preeta’s true story. She is sad for Preeta.

Shrishti is a faithful sister who stands in the same line with Preeta to fight Prithvi.

In the most recent installment of the show the show, Kundali Bhgaya, Sameer also accuses Preeta of smuggling Karan.

His reluctance to trust Preeta despite knowing his truth causes Shrishti deeply , as she’s developed feelings towards him.

Shrishti attempts at explaining Sameer about Preeta’s lies, however Sameer continues to be unmoved, and keeps in blaming Preeta.

Shrishti is very upset and tells him she’ll never forget him because of his blaming Preeta.

Then, Preeta tells her that she’s planning to meet with Karan when he’s out.

The pain of the actress is made more after seeing Preeta injured by her love of her life.

What’s going to happen next? What can Shrishti do to resolve Karan’s confusion over Preeta?

We can watch future installments of Kundali Bhagya to see how Shrishti’s hurt feelings impact her romantic relationship and relationship Sameer and also how she can help Karan discover the truth of Preeta’s story.


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