Kkb episode 59 (Love of Life)


In Shimla, At night
The dark sky was adorned with the millions of twinkling stars which were scattered all around and among them shone the moon brightly spreading its light everywhere and giving the sky a misty blue hue. The night was so silent and peaceful that the sound of the river stream flowing near by was heard and the cool breeze made the trees flutter, this picturesque scene was witnessed and heard by two people who with their gleaming eyes were staring at the night sky with their hands in hand.

“Beautiful, isn’t it.” says the girl while turning her gaze to the guy sitting next to her

“Yes but not more than you.” says the guy while winking at the girl

“Ranbir, why can’t you just stop flirting all the time.” says the girl while getting up

“Prachi kyunki zindagi haseen hai aur usse bhi haseen ho tum, aur fir mujhse control bhi ni hota.” says Ranbir while backhugging Prachi

“You know what, the Ranbir whom I met four years ago was much much better than this one. At that time I didn’t see you flirting and now I didn’t see you not flirting even a single second. What happened in these three years that you changed so much?” asked Prachi

“I got you.” replies Ranbir with a smile

“Means that all was just to impress me?” asked Prachi while raising her eyebrow

“Right now you say that you are a one woman man, what if after our wedding you change?” said Prachi before Ranbir could say anything

“Maybe!” says Ranbir intentionally

“What? You know what you don’t love me.” says Prachi while giving a slight push to Ranbir

“I am crystal clear pyaar toh main tumse krta hun, wo bhi ishq wala love..” says Ranbir while dancing while Prachi didn’t pay any heed to him

“I think I need to prove it.” says Ranbir while looking at Prachi

And saying this he climbs the railing making Prachi surprised. While Ranbir had a tough time to control his laughter.

“Ranbir yeh kya kr rhe ho?” asked Prachi while approaching him

“Apne pyaar ko prove, by jumping from here.” says Ranbir while acting to be serious

“Ranbir pagal-vagal ho gye ho kya, main janti hun ki tum mujhse pyaar krte ho. Please ab neeche aa jao.” says Prachi while begging before him to come down

“Nhi Prachi aaj mujhe prove krne do ki main tumse pyaar krta hun.” says Ranbir while controlling his laughter

“Ranbir please neeche aa jao, ese mat kro.” says Prachi with a tear scrolling from her eyes while Ranbir unable to control himself anymore bursts out laughing

“Hahaha.. Prachi, apni shakal toh dekho..”

“Ranbir please neeche aa jao, ese mat karo.” says Ranbir while doing a perfect mimicking of Prachi and laughing while being in the same position while Prachi realising that it was a prank gives a deadly glare to Ranbir

“Ranbir this all was a prank? aksed Prachi to which Ranbir noded in affirmation

” Go, I am not talking to you. This was the worst prank ever and who does this much disgusting things.” says Prachi while turning around

“Awww.. Meri chickchiki naraz ho gyi.” says Ranbir while looking at Prachi and this was when his foot slipped and he gave out a cry “Prachi” making her to turn around and what she saw shocked her

“Ranbir… ” screamed she while rushing towards him


“Happy first meet Ishaan” said Rhea while sitting down and looking at a bracelet in the glow of fire

“Happy first meet Rhea” said Ishaan while lying on the bed while holding Rhea’s earing

“I don’t know wether you remember me or not but I still remember each and every moment spent with you.” says Rhea

“How can I forget you? You were the most beautiful thing ever happened to me” says Ishaan

” I don’t know wether you ever considered me as your friend but for me you are my best friend.” says Rhea

“I considered you even more than a friend, I wanted to tell you what was your importance in my life, what you really meant to me.” says Ishaan

“I wish you a happy life.” says Rhea

“How can I be happy without you, my happiness lie in you indeed my world lies in you.” says Ishaan

“I wish that I never meet you or any of the family member because I am bad and will ruin that person life with whom I live. I am really bad but you are very nice, may you get the best girl who will love you more than I do.” says Rhea

“I wish that I find you soon, and I swear this time I won’t let you leave because I love you and no one can love you the way I do. You are my lucky charm Rhea.” says Ishaan

“I love you Ishaan.” says Rhea while kissing the bracelet in her hand

“I love you Rhea.” says Ishaan while kissing the ear rings and enclosing it in his fist and keeps it close to his heart


“Ranbir… ” shouted Prachi while rushing towards the railing and when she reached there she was shocked to see Ranbir hanging down holding one of the railings tightly

“Areey kya Ranbir Ranbir chilla rhi hun, hath thaam lo nhi toh main bhgwan ko pyara ho jaunga.” says Ranbir while forwarding one of his hand up

“Pagal ho tum, ese baatein krte hue sharam nhi aati kya.” says Prachi while scolding him

“Prachi yaar scold me later on phele haath toh thaam lo.” says Ranbir while Prachi gives her hand and after really hard pull was able to bring him up, she looked at him and started to beat him

“What if something would have happened to you, didn’t you even think about me, how will I live without you, you mad I damn love you.” says Prachi while hitting his chest

“You will kill me with your these punches and slaps.” says Ranbir in pain while making Prachi realise that what she had been doing for so long, she stops beating him and looks at him with teary eyes

“Agr tumhe kuch ho jata toh.. “

“But hua toh nhi.” says Ranbir while interrupting Prachi

“I think I need to do something.” says Ranbir while making Prachi to raise her eyebrow

“Will you again do that drama.” asked Prachi

“No” replied Ranbir

“Then?” asked Prachi

“Wait.” said Ranbir and saying this he takes out his handkerchief and tied it on Prachi’s eyes gently

“Ranbir what are you doing?” asked Prachi

“Chickchiki zara ruko toh shi.” said Ranbir while taking her carefully along with him after sometimes they reach a place, Ranbir gives a smile and unleashes the handkerchief from her eyes.

Prachi gently opens her eyes and finds everything dark in front of her

“Ranbir where are we and why is here so much darkness?” asked Prachi but stops as what she saw next was something magical

“Wow!” said Prachi while examining the scene in front of her eyes

The lights slowly glow, and there on the wall was written “I LOVE YOU PRACHI” the place was beautifully decorated and in the centre was the setup for candlelight dinner, Prachi looked at Ranbir who was smiling at her and gives him a tight hug

“It’s so beautiful Ranbir. ” said Prachi while hugging him tightly

“Repeating again not more than you.” says Ranbir while winking at her making her blush

Ranbir smiles seeing all this and forwards his hand, Prachi places her hand in his and then Ranbir makes her sit on the chair and himself settles on the opposite one. He was staring at her like idiots and even she was all lost in her. They both were lost in each other and after sometimes getting out of the trance have their dinner.  After having the dinner Ranbir looks at Prachi and forwards his hand for dance and then they both start dancing

(Imagine any song of your choice my brain isn’t working at the moment, not able to get any romantic song)

During the dance Ranbir and Prachi were all lost in each other and were all the time staring at each other. Ranbir pulled her closer making her rest on his chest while she also smiles seeing all this. She was now in his embrace and the music was still on. Ranbir picked her in bridal style and take her to the tent made her lay on the bed while she stared at him continuously pulled him more close to her and kissed him. Looking at the sudden change in her Ranbir was little surprised but he too didn’t want this opportunity to go and responded doing the same. And then both of them spent this beautiful night in embrace of each other making love.

The next morning
The bright rays of the sun disturb the sound sleep of two love bird who were sleeping together in the embrace of each other. Prachi slowly opens her eyes and finds Ranbir sleeping next to her, a smile creeps on her face she goes near him and kisses his forehead while ruffling his hairs, she stands to leave but stops as she noticed that Ranbir was holding her hand, she tried to get out of the grip but couldn’t. After a long time of trials she gets out of his grip and leaves from there leaving him alone. And exactly after she leaves Ranbir gets up and on not finding Prachi he also leaves from there to get fresh. After sometimes they both meet at the breakfast table where Ishaan was already sitting, they both smile at him and sit to have the breakfast .

“Good morning” wished Ishaan with a bright smile on his face and gulping the juice

“Good morning Ishaan.” wished Pranbir in a unison

“Well are you going somewhere?” asked Ranbir as he noticed that Ishaan was well dressed

“Actually yes” replied Ishaan

“But where?” asked Prachi

“Rhea, I am going to look for Rhea.” said Ishaan excitedly while Pranbir’s face expression changed

“But what’s the need?” asked Ranbir

“I mean we all can go together and we are here for a long time don’t worry we will find her soon.” says Ranbir while continuing his statement

“Ranbir I know we can go afterwards but I don’t to loose her this time, I will go and find her and we don’t know where exactly she is it may take time so I am starting from today itself. And you people don’t need to come you both enjoy together I will take a leave.” says Ishaan while getting up

“Ishaan but.. ” said Prachi

“Don’t worry” said Ishaan while leaving from there

After Ishaan left, Ranbir looks at Prachi and sits on the chair

“This boy is mad” says Ranbir

“Yeah, but I just hope he doesn’t come to know the truth in these fourteen days and I pray to God that we find Rhea soon.” says Prachi

After which both of them start having the breakfast.

Little fast forward
It had been two days since Ishaan started to find Rhea, every morning he used to get up and go out hopefully thinking that today he may find her but returned helplessly back home in the evenings, Prachi and Ranbir used to feel bad for him and gave each and every update to the family members who also felt helpless and expressed their inability to find Rhea. They had started to search in all possible directions but there was no clue of her. While on the other side Rhea was busy living her life with her daughter and was now paying a regular visit to the orphanage. Ishaan and  Rhea had some hit and misses too, they both felt each other’s presence but didn’t have a look of each other.

One of the days
The evening sun casted long shadow on the grounds. The slanting rays of the sun gave a warm orange tinge to the sky. It was a peaceful evening in Shimla. As usual Ishaan was out while Pranbir were sitting in the balcony of their hotel room admiring the natural beauty of the place, they both were looking at the sky with their hands in hand and Prachi rested her head on Ranbir’s shoulder who was sitting beside her. They both were sitting silently and this silence was disturbed by a phone call they received, it wasn’t an audio call but a video call from their family members, Prachi quickly picked up the call and looked at the people sitting on the other side and greeted them, the same was with Ranbir he also greeted the family members. They started up with having some random talks about the weather and all.

“Where is Ishaan?” asked Meenakshi

“Aunty as usual he is out in search of Rhea.” answered Prachi

” You know it’s been two days and tody it’s third day, he everyday goes out in the morning and come in the evening hopelessly, we can’t even tell him the truth that he won’t find Rhea here and should give up looking for her. How can we tell him that it’s all a plan and how can we tell him that maybe we will never be able to find her.. ” says Ranbir incompletely as the sound of falling a vase stops him, Pranbir turn around to see what exactly happened and were shocked to see Ishaan standing there with teary eyes, they without saying anything on the call get up and  go towards him.

“Ishaan, you.. ” said Pranbir in a unison

“Yes me, I know you people didn’t expect me to be here leave this all. Just tell why did you do this to me, why did you make fun of my feelings? You people knew what Rhea means to me and what I feel for her then why did you do this to me?” asked Ishaan with teary eyes but in an angered tone

“Ishaan actually … “

“Prachi you also, I didn’t expect this from you, just tell me why did you do this to me. I considered you as my friend, I trusted you but you in turn did all this to me.” said Ishaan

“Yes Ishaan we did all this for your betterment, have you seen your condition after Rhea left? You were roaming like a lifeless soul, you didn’t even smile and indulged yourself in business to avoid your talking to anyone, started to avoid your family, left them. Do you even know how did they feel? Rhea left because of her own we didn’t force her, she left herself and what was your family’s fault in all this that you left them? ” asked Ranbir

“I love her Ranbir, I love Rhea.” yelled Ishaan

“I know you people care for me but it doesn’t mean that you people can do such things, how can you do this?” asked Ishaan

“Ishaan we didn’t mean to hurt you, trust us.” says Prachi

“But you people did hurt me, you lied about my Rhea, I didn’t expect it from you people.” says Ishaan with teary eyes

And saying this he turns around to leave while Pranbir follow him

“Please. . Please just leave me alone.” says Ishaan while getting out

Prachi was about to go behind him but Ranbir stops him and assures her that he will be fine and just needed some time alone while on the other side Ishaan gets out of the hotel and lifelessly starts walking on the road with tears flowing from his eyes.

While on the other side
Rhea and Pihu hurriedly get out of the car and Rhea makes Pihu board the bus, before leaving she kisses her forehead and says “goodbye” to her. Rhea looks at Pihu who was looking out of the window and waving her hand, she smiled looking at her.

“Bye” said Rhea the last words as the bus started to leave

“In these years this is the first time I will live without Pihu, the summer camp is of two weeks and I don’t know I will manage to live without her, she is my life. Though I have asked Aayushi to take care of her but still I am little tensed because I know what type of girl she is, she doesn’t like the children of orphanage at all and now she has to live with them and adjust with them, it’s okay at least she will make some new friends and have a great time.” thinks Rhea while getting in her car and driving to some other place.

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