Kingdom: Ashin of the North | The Netflix Original You Shouldn’t Miss

When it comes to the horror genre, there are only a few of the many that really manage to make a lasting impression on the hearts of the audience. After enjoying considerable success from their previous series, the makers of Kingdom Seasons 1 and 2 have decided to come up with another new horror thriller Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

In this article you will learn everything about the series and why you should go for it.

The Plot of the Kingdom: Ashin of the North:

Kingdom: Ashin of the North tells a gruesome saga about the brutal slaughter of people in the kingdom of Joseon.

Against the background of the escalating political conflict in South Korea, the series first introduces us to two tribal groups: the Jurchens (Chinese) and the Joseon. For the inexperienced, the Joseon Empire flourished in the late 14th century and remained in power until the 18th century.

The Japanese already exercised their control over the southern part of the Joseon Empire, and the Jurchens looked to the northern part of the kingdom. The military might of the Jurchens was so unparalleled that no army in the world had the courage to challenge their might. Sensing the potential danger from their nemesis Pajeowi, the Joseons appointed a group of Jurchen to keep track of his activities.


The story now shifts focus to the main character Ashin, a young girl who lives with her sick mother and her father Tahab.

While her father was the leader of the Jurchens, Ashin is only concerned about her mother’s declining health. When she learns about a miraculous plant in the Pyesa Gun forest that could raise the dead, she decides to get the life-saving herbs for her mother, but is warned by her father to do the same.

The young girl’s helplessness and her despair are sure to make our hearts sink with sorrow and pity.


The story takes a tragic turn when Min Chi Rok (Deputy Commander of the Chupajin group) is informed about a bizarre event in the forest of Pyesa Gun.

15 Paejowi Jurchen men were found dead under unusual circumstances. Chi Rok discovers that the miserable catastrophe was plotted by a member of the Haewon Cho clan, but keeps it a secret to himself and concocts the false story of a tiger killing the men.

Ashin somehow manages to sneak away in her father’s absence to bring the forbidden herb for her mother, oblivious to what fate had in store for her the next moment.


When she returned, she received the most horrific shock of her life. Aedigon, the chief of the pajeowi attacked and mercilessly killed all her friends and relatives in the village.

The earth-shattering sight of the fallen bodies scattered here and there sent shivers down her spine. She was shocked, sad and helpless. However, she gathers and thus begins the journey of her wrath and revenge.

With the help of the resurrecting plant, she turned her loved ones into zombies and kept eating them until she completed her mission to kill the killers of her people. Who are the people Ashin wants to take revenge on? How does she do that, and what is its aftermath? Well, to get these answers, you need your Netflix.

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Why watch Kingdom: Ashin of the North?

● The captivating and engaging storyline of Kingdom: Ashin of the North will keep viewers in line until the very end. With excellent cinematography, top quality VFX and stunning action scenes. The makers have made sure to satisfy the curiosity and excitement of the viewers as much as possible.

● There is no unnecessary dragging or filling. The series stays true to its plot, making it a compelling watch.

● The actors have done their part justice without a doubt. Whether it’s Ashin’s desperation or her stubbornness, Jun Ji Hyun’s acting is a joy to watch.


The series has received positive reactions so far with a IMDB rating of 7.2. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

The trailer also looks promising and the actors played their roles well.

So we can predict that the heartbreaking story of Ashin and her revenge will certainly strike the right chord with the public.

You can watch the official Kingdom: Ashin of the North trailer here.

Conclusion :

In summary, the creators and actors of Kingdom: Ashin of the North have left no stone unturned to make the series as exciting and enjoyable as possible.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North has raised the bar for the horror thriller genre.

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