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Kaelyn Wilkins

YouTube sensation Kaelyn Wilkins was very shy as a child. She joined primary school when she was five but didn’t enjoy it. Since then, she has become extremely popular, and is a member of the SevenSuperGirls YouTube group. Today, she is known as “mpatient13” and has more than 1.3 million subscribers. On Instagram, she has over 500,000 followers. Read on to discover more about this young star.


YouTuber Kaelyn Wilkins has become a household name, garnering over 1.35 million subscribers. She is also active on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Her official Instagram account has 487k followers. Kaelyn Wilkins has a Yorkshire terrier named Abby. She also enjoys swimming and paddleboarding. If you’d like to know more about Kaelyn Wilkins, keep reading!

Before joining the SSG, Kaelyn Wilkins was a member of the popular SevenSuperGirls group. She has an adorable singing voice and a unique style that has made her a favorite among younger music fans. She has also branched out into making individual videos on YouTube. Her most popular video has 16 million views, and it’s titled “I tried ASMR. Again.” Kaelyn Wilkins’s parents have supported her YouTube career, and her channel has gained 510 K followers on Instagram.

TikTok star

Kaelyn Wilkins is a social media star, who also happens to be a fitness instructor. In 2010, she was part of the YouTube group SevenSuperGirls. The group grew to a following of seven million subscribers. Wilkins also has a vlogging channel, mpatient13. Despite her young age, she appears to be well educated and close to her family.

Instagram star

Instagram star Kaelyn Wilkins is an American who has gained huge fame through her eponymous account. She has over 54,675 followers. She was born in Texas and attended a center school before switching to self-teaching. Her parents support her, as they do with other successful social media stars. Kaelyn Wilkins’ family life is somewhat mysterious. She has not yet revealed her age and has not spoken about her college plans.

Kaelyn Wilkins is a YouTube and Instagram star who rose to fame after posting her first videos in 2013. She also has a brother named Ethan and was once a member of the YouTube group SevenSuperGirls. She is the younger sister of fitness vlogger and YouTube personality Ethan Wilkins. She was born under the zodiac sign of Leo and has a younger brother named Ethan.

Former member of SevenSuperGirls

The popular YouTube star Kaelyn Wilkins was a member of the internet group SevenSuperGirls before they were dissolved after the creator of the channel was found guilty of child abuse. Since then, Wilkins has created two separate YouTube channels. One channel features her traveling videos and other content, while the other showcases her gaming content. She is popular in many social media circles and has a boyfriend.

The social media personality was born on July 23, 2000. Her full name is Kaelyn Olivia Wilkins. She was a member of the popular YouTube channel SevenSuperGirls until August 2017, when she left the group. Her brother Ethan Wilkins frequently appears in her videos. Since the group split up, she has continued to make YouTube videos and is the owner of a popular Instagram account with 513k followers.

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