Kaamnaa 12th April 2022 Written Update



Kaamnaa 12th April 2021 Written Update – Read the whole episode to know how the two main characters will react to Sakshi mam’s insult and Virat’s punch to Manav. Find out the reasons behind the two actors‘ rage on the show. In the latest episode of Kaamnaa, Manav and Akanksha clash after a brief argument.

Manav’s reaction to Sakshi mam

Akanksha gets angry at Manav after hearing about Sakshi mam’s birthday party. She runs to her room thinking it is Sakshi. Manav thinks it is Sakshi but she is not willing to tell him the real reason. Kaushal comes back and tells Manav that Akanksha is a dangerous person and mentioned the custody of Yadhu in the papers. She takes leave from Manav’s house without celebrating her birthday.

Akanksha’s insult to Manav

Manav is furious with his wife’s slap on his face, and it turns out that she is trying to get the same treatment from her husband. As he attempts to get up and leave, Akanksha slaps him in front of everyone. Manav is angry with his wife, and she replies that it could be her last visit.

Manav’s anger at Kaamnaa

This week’s episode of Kaamnaa shows us how Akanksha is sabotaging Manav’s attempts to win custody of their son. When she calls Yatharth to discuss the situation, Manav is furious and says that she will have to do things her way. After all, the kid is hers and she will be back soon, right? But then, when she gets back in the house, Vibhav decides to take her and strangle her.

Virat’s punch to Manav

The episode starts with Akanksha calling out to Manav for not giving her the ring. When she arrives, she shouts at him to stop. However, the driver ignores her and continues to drive. Manav is caught off-guard and falls unconscious on the ground. Virat reacts by hitting Manav in the head and causing him to fall to the floor. The rest of the episode shows that Akanksha is not happy with her behavior.

Manav’s reluctance to sign the papers

The scene begins with Manav opening the door to see his wife, Akanksha, who is standing outside. He says that the papers should be signed before he leaves, and she shouldn’t have come. She explains that this might be her last visit to the house. Manav is furious, but Akanksha doesn’t want to cause any drama in front of their son.

Manav’s remorse

As a result of her decision, Manav feels guilty. He can’t ignore the fact that his mother is in the hospital and that he has to make the decision on his own. The problem is that he’s been married for five years and has been with Sakshi for seven. Even though he’s in love with her, he cannot disregard his mistakes and the differences between him and his mother.

Shivani’s reaction to Manav

In the episode “Kaamnaa 12th April 2022”, Shivani’s reaction to Manav is an important one. The episode begins with Akanksha getting ready to get married to the owner of a company. Manav is surprised to hear about this and cannot remember the Mantar, but he does get shocked when Akanksha tells him to sign the divorce papers. “What a pity!” says Manav, exclaiming that he just ended a marriage. He pleads with the young woman to forget the marriage.

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