Kaamna 11th April 2022 Written Update



If you’ve been watching Kaamna, you’ve no doubt seen the snippets about the 11th episode. In this Kaamna episode written update, we’ll take a look at the upcoming events in the upcoming episode. In this Kaamna episode, Manav blames himself for not being a good father and asks Sakshi to stop talking to Bhagwan.

Manav asks Sakshi to stop talking to Bhagwan

In the previous episode, Manav asked Sakshi to stop talking to Bhagwaan after she sat on him and taunted him. Now, Sakshi is surprised to know that Manav wants to stop talking to Bhagwan. He doesn’t want her to talk to him, as it would cause a rift between them. But, Sakshi refuses to do this.

The next morning, Sakshi meets Yatharth and tells him about his plans to marry Saktharth. He is upset because Sakshi is Saktharth’s favorite. He tries to cheer him up by telling him that Sakshi is not his enemy. He also explains that he had a difficult time focusing on Sakshi since Akanksha left. He thinks if Sakshi makes breakfast for Yatho, he will lose control over her. Sakshi responds that he is right.

Manav blames himself for not being a good father

Sakshi, the mother of Manav, asks her son why he is crying and he replies that it’s because his father is crying. Manav is fighting with everyone and he feels all alone. He wonders how long he will have to explain to Sakshi that he’s a good father. Manav is so upset that he starts crying on the bed. The Malti aunti rushes to the house to help Sakshi.

Samar consoles Manav, who blames himself for not being a good parent. Ayesha apologizes to Manav, but Ayesha has changed. Manav wants to forgive her, but she’s not ready to forgive him. Ayesha is a drug addict and has a secret plan that involves stealing money from Manav’s locker. Manav wants his daughter back, so he tries to get her back.

Manav’s relationship with Akanksha

After a few days of not being together, Manav decides to go out for a date with his friend Akanksha. However, he finds it difficult to bear the thought of being separated from Akanksha. The first date is a disaster because a group of strangers walk towards Akanksha, demanding to take a picture with them. Hence, she rushes away, only to bump into Manav on the way. Luckily, Manav is there to encourage her, so she decides to go out with her friend.

During this date, the two argue about the issue of Maya’s past and why she’s working for Vaibhav. This leads to a heated argument between the two men and Manav confronts Maya for insulting him. Vaibhav mocks Manav’s bumbling ways, while he is apprehensive of the upcoming meeting with Akanksha.

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