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JB Smoove Thought Shark Week Was ‘Shark Tank’



JB Smoove Thought Shark Week Was 'Shark Tank'

JB Smoove Thought Shark Week Was 'Shark Tank'

shark cage super fan JB Smoove.
Photo: Stewart Cook/Shutterstock

Honest mistake. Actor and comedian JB Smoove Loves shark cage so much so that maybe he got too excited on the phone with his agent. “Everyone knows that I use a huge shark cage fan, and I have a lot of ideas ready for it shark cage,” he told EW. “So initially when my manager called me – honestly I get tunnel vision sometimes and there’s a long moment of ambiguity about exactly what this is. They’ll tell me something, but I’ll hear something completely different because I’m already in confused I’m ready for the celebrity version of shark cage, you know? I feel like I can go up there and I can really judge what a great idea is, because I’m an ideas guy myself, so I’m always ready to get my ideas out there.”

“Idea Wizard” Smoove really goes swimming with the fish on Brad Paisley’s Shark Country Tuesday, July 13 during Shark Week, Discovery’s eight-day shark marathon. Once he faced reality, Smoove was certified to dive in the Bahamas and “felt right at home” channeling his inner “Black Dolphin”. “My brain went, ‘Maybe I can come up with my ideas based on Shark Week that I can still use? shark cage,he continued. “How can I take advantage of this bug and still get a chance to pitch my great ideas for shark cage, even though it was clear that this was not the case shark cage? Who says I wasn’t still excited and still hopeful that maybe Mark Cuban, Mr. Wonderful, would you come across? [Kevin O’Leary], Barbara [Corcoran], Daymond [John]? Come on!” If the Sharks didn’t know how serious he was, they need to know now. He’s already turning the experience into a business pitch (and he i played it Conan). “Who knows?” he said. “Maybe I can [manifest] an idea that revolves around the Black Dolphin.” Mark Cuban, are you reading this?

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