Intelligent Debt Management Platform Spinwheel Announces the Appointment of Bento for Business Co-Founder Sean Anderson as Head of Platform and COO

Intelligent Debt Management Platform Spinwheel Announces the Hiring of Bento for Business Co-Founder Sean Anderson as Head of Platform and COO-01 (1)

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spinning wheel, the leading intelligent debt API platform for fintechs, announces the hiring of: Sean Anderson as Head of Platform and COO. Following the company’s $11 million seed funding, Sean joins the team to grow and scale the company and drive the product roadmap as the company moves beyond its student debt solution to provide the same unique approach to other debt categories.

Sean, a startup and fintech veteran, co-founded Bento for Business, which built a commercial payments platform that enabled cards, checks and payments for thousands of businesses through APIs, web and mobile apps. Last week, Bento was acquired by US Bank, the fifth largest bank in the United States the United States.

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“I am very excited to join Tomas and Tushar in helping them realize Spinwheel’s huge ambition. The debt management platform’s combination of superior data, intelligence and payments is unique in the industry,” said Sean. “Consumers need to do more than access their data and understand their debts, they need to be able to act on it. Spinwheel is creating an embedded movement for smart funds to power the next wave of innovative financial apps and services.”

Spinwheel is a modern debt infrastructure startup that helps Americans get out of debt faster by making it possible to embed loan application, payment and management in the apps people use most. By increasing access, choice and transparency, Spinwheel aims to improve outcomes and shorten the debt life cycle for all borrowers and their loved ones. The company already partners with a number of leading brands and is expanding its coverage this year to include credit cards, auto loans, mortgages and other types of consumer debt and use cases.

“We are passionate about improving Americans’ financial results by providing the best consumer debt API platform,” said CEO and co-founder Tomas Campos. “We have developed the easiest way to add student debt repayment and optimization to any app or service and are rapidly expanding this offering. Sean has a proven track record of building and scaling fintech platforms to support broad markets and varied use cases. I am delighted that he will join our leadership team and help us execute on this vision.”

Eva Ho, Spinwheel Board Member and General Partner at Fika Ventures added: “Spinwheel’s superior platform and student debt data enable partners to act quickly and stay ahead of their competition. As they add new debt categories and leverage intelligence in new ways, they will continue to lead the category. Sean’s experience at Bento building and scaling a startup will accelerate growth and unlock new opportunities.”

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