Indias Most Sansanikhej Kanaiy 17th April 2022 Written Update


Indias Most Sansanikhej Kanaiy

In Indias Most Sansanikhej Kanaiy 17th April 2022 Written Update, the viewers are going to watch the episode based on the marriage of Shagun and Anokhi. In the episode, we will also see the clash between Anokhi and Gautam. In addition, we will also get to see how Shagun and Anokhi get along.

Anokhi’s relationship with Shaurya

When Anokhi is injured and forced to leave the college, Shaurya rescues her and tries to woo her back. Later, when Shaan finds Anokhi and proposes marriage, Anokhi refuses. When Shaurya is unable to make Anokhi fall in love with him, he convinces her to go back to SIAC with him. Later, Shaurya and Anokhi go on a romantic drive in Delhi. He explains to Anokhi why he hates Aastha and tries to make her realize that he can’t be his wife. Meanwhile, Aastha learns about Anokhi’s relationship with Shaurya, and Anokhi becomes jealous of Shaurya’s newfound love.

At first, Anokhi is hesitant about her relationship with Shaurya. She is afraid that Shaurya will sabotage her career. Moreover, she doesn’t trust him. So, she hides in ACP Ahir’s basement. Once there, she shouts at Shaurya, but he doesn’t give in. After all, he loves Anokhi and doesn’t want her to hate him.

Shaurya’s relationship with Shagun

Ronit Roy, the host of the show, has created a huge hype amongst the audience. The show runs for 35-40 minutes and has excellent acting by the actors. This will definitely attract viewers towards the Colors TV channel. However, this show is already available on Voot, which may hamper the television viewership.

Anokhi’s confrontation with Gautam about Shagun

The episode started with Anokhi’s encounter with her father, Tej. The couple were preparing for their wedding, when Anokhi suddenly came home. She hyperventilated after breaking Shaurya’s heart. Later, Devi was seen visiting Anokhi at college. She wanted to confess her forced engagement with Shagun but was afraid of Anokhi’s reaction. When she visited her, Ahir was surprised and made her feel comfortable. She told Anokhi to keep it secret from her friends. Shagun is shocked to hear this and tries to explain it to Tej. Then, Anokhi confronts Gautam about her relationship with Shagun.

In another scene, Anokhi is confronted by Shaurya, a modern-day masked misogynist. He believes women should be restricted to the kitchen and home. He believes that his mother abandoned him when he was young. Shagun refuses to accept this explanation and leaves his family. Anokhi decides to attend a college where his mother is a professor. This is a good opportunity for her to meet Shagun.

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