India’s Most Sansanikhej Kahni 8th April 2022 Written Update


India's Most Sansanikhej Kahni

This week in India’s Most Sansanikhej Kahni, the storyline revolves around Mandana Karimi and her fight with Ajma Fala. Meanwhile, Janardhan threatens to take his daughter back. Will Rishita decide to leave Gautam? Watch the latest episode now to find out! You won’t want to miss this exciting episode!

Gautam reminds Rishita that they are both his family’s daughters-in-law

Suman, the demigod, comes to visit Raavi and Shiva and blesses them. Rishita weeps for her father, but Dev consoles her and tells her that her father left her without blessing her. Suman then asks Gautam to take his mom back to his home, and Rishita tells him that he is her blessing. In the end, the family leaves in disarray.

Mandana Karimi’s fight with Ajma Fala

Kangana Ranaut’s latest reality show, Lock Upp, is grabbing headlines these days, with its controversies and ugly fights between contestants. In the latest episode, Mandana Karimi threatened Azuma Fala, saying she would break her face if she asked her about her parents. Then, she explained that she was disowned by her parents when she was young and that her mother had not spoken to her for six years.

Janardhan’s threat to take back his daughter

Rishita is an adult who is in a relationship with Dev, who is the father of their two sons. However, she drops the letter that Janardhan gave her before coming to the police station. When Dev tells her that Janardhan will break the law to get his daughter back, Rishita says that she will accept her son’s divorce and forget about it. The brothers, however, are not so easily convinced.

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